It Never Stops- A T. I. Tesimony

I suffered extreme sleep deprivation last night due to the stalker family in Danville, Virginia. This program is so communistic to be ridiculous. They are screaming all around me as I write this blog entry. It is an everyday, all day, all night occurrence and I am so worn by it.

Since 2012, I have been suffering from extreme weapon attacks but it seems that the United States stopped caring about its people. I am an American citizen so you would think that the torture that I go through would non-existent. I am not a refugee but it seems that I am being treated as one. Imprisoned in their world as it that was where I belonged.

I have grown so tired of Theresa McCullough’s (because that is who they said she was)and the rest of her crew that have been shooting up with their weapons for years now but no one does nothing. I can’t even get help from the local authorities because everyone is tied into the same program.

I am tired of hearing about nuptials, buns, and bookies. And I am even more tired of hearing about the apartheid that they have created here locally. From how the skit goes, the Theresa’s of the world wanted dark-skin people to hold more precedence over anyone else here socially. Everyone has an agenda here. This is not my world and I wish that they would un-wire me from it. But, as I said before, no one seems to care as long as they are getting something out of the deal.

So they scream, they laser, and they have a party off of my torture day in and day out. The reason why I did not get any sleep last night was because they were playing with my body. They heated it up and I was lasered silly. I don’t even know if I had five minutes of sleep.

One of my doctors prescribed me the wrong medication. Even tacked on medication for Schizophrenia in which I do not have and never was MRI’d for. As for a sleeping aide, he prescribed me medication for someone who has seizures in which I don’t have.

This is not a joke. These people are so over-the-top and truly, to-the-bone evil.

God help us.


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