More Than Enough Torture-A T. I. Testimony

The lasers haven’t stopped. I was lasered most of the night last and pretty much every night and during the day for a long time. As most of you know, I have been dealing with these awful weapons since 2012. My skin is being fried and I am still suffering from insomnia due to the fact that I am wired to city to make a show of my torture. They are constantly talking to me through their COM/V2K system even after I tell them to leave me alone.

Being a Targeted Individual is the worst experience of my life and I wish that we could find someone to help free us from these horrors. It is like being quarantined in a prison camp. I can’t go anywhere or doing anything without them hovering over me. And they are the most ghetto-style people that I have ever heard. What I hate the most is that they are always announcing what they are going to do you or a family member and it’s always something evil.

I had to lay down for most of the day yesterday because my body was so weakened while still dealing with the lasers crawling all over my body. Supposedly, they are making movies of our torture which is scary to consider because someone is actually allowing these people to this. This is such a complete violation of our human rights in everyway. I really miss my old lifemail where I was able to do whatever I wanted and go wherever I wanted to go without worrying about where the laser was going to come from next. Or have the ability to sleep comortally without being zapped everything I laid down.

Life was beautiful but now it is like living in a torture chamber and I have no idea why outside of personal vendetta.

Why did someone make it so easy for someone to take innocent people’s lives
away from them? And to make it worse, they hold onto their lives for what seems like forever.

Some of them say that they have made camp at the Squire Armory in Danville area but I don’the know how true it is. I do figure that they need a place that houses a lot of people with room for their laser weapons. Because they are in abundance. I wish someone could help before they destroy my family completely. These stalkers are so obsessed with myself and my children.

God help us.


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