Updated T. I. Experience- A T. I. Testimony

I am still having the same issues with being gang stalked. It seems that these gang stalkers love to sit around and broadcast and bully me to death. They just haven’t left me alone. They continue to throw the name Woodall at me all the time but as I have said before. I don’t believe that I have any relationship with the family so why did they choose me? Why won’t they leave me alone?

Currently I am feeling a lot of heated laser action on my neck. I was in a hospital bed yesterday and they wouldn’t stop shooting laser-ing me then either. I feel like a hostage. Literally, that is what I am and I can’t seem find anyone to help. People are really dying from this Communistic program. I would hate to die so horribly. Why won’t someone do something and help save the lives of thousands?

I have been lasered, tasered, gased, filled with different kinds of chemicals, shot with psychotronic weapons,stabbed, disembodied, and so much more for almost five years. This is completely unreal. And it is happening in a world that I have had nothing to do with.


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2 responses to “Updated T. I. Experience- A T. I. Testimony

  • Teresa

    I am so sorry to hear about what you have been going through. These things are happening in the U.K. aswell.

    Call on the Name of Jesus. He really is greater and He will help you to defeat them. I know what I am talking about – I have been subjected to gang stalking, kkk

    • mstmha

      Thank you so much. I need as much encouragement as I can get. These have been the worst years of my life and I miss my family. They separated my children and I when they were younger and it is heartbreaking. Pray for me as I will pray for you as well. Thanks again.

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