Fusion TV-A T. I. Testimony

I am still suffering in Danville, Virginia from the wrath of Fusion TV (or at least that is what they call themselves). Supposedly it is a franchise consisting of tons of people who brag about being refugees and outlaws that are pretty much robbing us all blind. Of course there are some Americans involved as well.

They are robbing me of my family, my body, and my life. It is so unfair how easily they are able to do this. And I have to hear them talk about murdering me almost everyday.

I am currently suffering from a heat to my head and I have started bleeding from my vaginal area again. I can’t tell whether it is my period or another illegal stabbing. It seems to be a communist family.

What can we do to stop this if our government doesn’t want to help? America is in a state of distress, especially with the type of technology that these people are using.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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