Literal Murder?- A T. I. Testimony

“You are losing your life,” says what sounded like a child screaming over their amplified broadcast. I guess what I am going through is literal murder but I don’t why.

The goons are still sitting around watching me and whenever they see me they turn their sound up so that I can hear all of these people screaming at me at one time.

They say things like, “…so that we can be adoptive.” They talk about nuptials in a crazed manner. I don’t know anything about their program except for what they have screamed at me for all these years. I wasn’t told anything. They mentioned something about affidavits that I don’t know anything about.

Why won’t they leave my life and my family alone?

I felt another scalpel today on the right side of my abdomen. I am living in total hell. I wish that they would just leave me alone. Who wants to die this way? What did I do to deserve all of this?

“You are fluzzies,” a male voice has just said. it seems that they are determined to make me something that I am not.

I am an American citizen. Why is our homeland allowing these things to happen to innocent people?

“It’s a den,” a female says. Why me God?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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