More Quotes and Experiences-A T.I. Testimony

“They got ya’ll in critically bled,” says a male voice.
“They got ya’ll in critical,” says a female voice.
“It solved to murder you,” said a male voice.
“The only thing they are going to do is sum a dib.”
“You are in too many knives,”
“We are thieves.”
“We was telling the Homeland to shoot you.”
“You are going to Florida or u will f#$k my bed!” (What is in Florida?)
“It’s all Klavert.” (No it isn’t.)
“You are under extreme battery.”
“He was to leave you destituted.”

*They claim that they target people as a hobby.
*They were using thermals on me last night over and over again.
*They were also using an infrared telescope.
*They were also shooting lasers in my face.
*It sounded as if they were having a party over their broadcast system and multiple sing songs.
*They also were making my head bleed last night, as well.
*They kept talking about Syria. Is that who is assisting with my torture?
*Conspiracy-A goon said that I am being assassinate because someone whose name sounds like Woodoff, is planning to murder me because he stands to make enough money to pay off a city. Who wants to die because of someone else’s greed?


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