Another Horrible Night- A T. I. Testimony

“They were out to FUSION the world.”

I was targeted heavily last night for what seemed like hours. The lasers hit me back to back.

The stalkers are always hovering, always watching, always waiting to strike, and they talk my head off!

“We wanting to be Woodalls,” a man says.

Well, what the heck do I have to do with that? I am not a thug or have any relationship, as far as I know, with that family. And I definitely don’t have any relationships now since being targeted. So why are these people hounding me?

They say that FUSION is a part of the program and I have been illegally wired to it. What do we do? Why are they surrounding us with so many occulted people? What did I have to do with it? I never joined an occult.

Keep praying for us.

Thanks for listening. GOD Bless.


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