The Culted- A T. I. Testimony

Steven Cox is not funny. I am positive he has jokes but not one of them has cracked a laugh from me. I recall back when we were in an Open relationship, well over five years back if not more, and he told me that he was starting a new business. I didn’t really ask him any questions and nor did I pry. I was more like good for you. What I didn’t know was that this new business of his would involve gang stalking, or did it. Was it something more sinister or was this business something that I shouldn’t have really worried about?

From the way that it looks and because theveryone goons on their COM/V2K system won’the shut up, it seems that he is deeply within the occult and I am his victim, amongst others. I hear his name wherever I go as if they want me to know that he is also one of the goons that I am being stalked by.

As to our relationship…

Something about our meeting was fishy to begin with. He didn’the turn his cart around at Walmart for nothing. And that is how we met.

He invited me to a free Mary J. Blige concert on our first meeting and then called me later from the concert so that I could hear the concert from the background. After that, I chanced a relationship with him. At the time, I did not know the specifics of his cult membership. I knew that he was strange but I just did not know how much. Like many of the men in my life, he didn’t show a business card or introduce himself as being culted. You don’t really know until the lasers start hitting you years later. But for what? What is the grudge? I thought everything was fine! These people need to be identified. Can we get a world registry?

I met this guy when he claimed to be new to Danville and we were in an Open relationship with no problems on and off for at least three to four years. Was it the cult women who found out and became upset? Are they that possessive where they would kill another over their cult men? How is it our fault that they and I were lied to? Shouldn’the the lasers be pointed the other way?

By the way, I thank God that I have never been culted. This lasering bid that they are putting me through is awful but their punishment from God will be worse than that. It is like Babylon all over again.

More later…


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