“We are Assassins.”

I have just been lasered to my face quite a few times. From what it seems, the local goons squad is haVing a party off of my misery. They are screaming from all around me. No human being should have to go through what I am going through.

I heard a female scream, “We are assassins.” That has beenough obvious for many years now. I can’tell catch a break. Forever being lasered as if I am nothing more than a toy and it seems that they may have almost the entire city involved.

Can you imagine living in a city with nothing but assassins around every corner. It is scary. And I have never beeneed a member of a gang or a cult. It is WOW for me too. Could it be that they just needed someone to murder to bide the time?

I don’t know many of these people so why they would feel so strongly about me, I have no idea. I never bothered anyone. Especially, not to the point of someone wanting me dead.

I just want my life back but what can I do when there are so many people chasing me? Why would this happen to me of all people?

Danville, Virginia is no longer family friendly.

Thanks for listening. GOD bless.


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