Another Sad Story As A Targeted Individual-A T.I. Testimony

Being gang stalked by the local goons has been, by far, the hardest thing that I have ever had to endure.
Just recently, I had to go to the doctor in regards to sleep deprivation. I spent two days straight without sleep and the doctor that I saw pretty much did not give a care about my sleeplessness. When I mentioned that I was awake for two days, Dr Torres at Paths was like, “That’s all.”

I can’t trust anyone, not even doctors.

I think that it was Wednesday night when I experienced the worst laser abuse of my life. I was attempting to sleep on the floor of my mother’s house when they started in on me. I was laying on my stomach when the horror began. The lasers hit me from every angle. The lights flashing from the lasers seemed circular and there was nowhere that I could go no matter where I moved. And then I felt the most penetrating laser (possibly a plasma gun) that I have ever felt in my pelvic area. I am still bleeding from my vaginal area and it wasn’t time for my menstrual cycle. I even heard one of the goons say that I was hemorraging. What does that tell you? Even if I had gone to the hospital, they probably would have excused it as being a menatural issue.

In Danville, Virginia, they go straight for the kill. No questions asked. It doesn’t even matter if they know you or they whether they don’t. It is an abiding issue. Something that I am not familiar with because I am not of their cult. They just do as they are told.

What are we to do in such dire circumstances? The Theresa McCulloughs’ and Sabrina Nesmiths’ of the world are getting away from prosecution, so what do we do? They are obsessed with myself and my children, so what can we do to defend ourselves? I don’the have their weapons. They left me defenseless. There are so many of these people climbing all over us, so when does it end?

It is a lunatic society. No wonder we didn’t ‘fit’.


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