Another Dreadful Day-A T.I. Testimony

Today was just another long, long day. I could barely sleep last night throughout all of the screaming and yelling my way. These gang stalkers are relentless. They go on and on all throught the night and it didn’the help that their weapons were used on me as well. I have been dealing with their weaponry alone since 2012. How much is a human being suppose to take?

Targeted Individuals can’t get help from anywhere because as it turns out, those in positions of authority are being culled into obedience. We are dealing with a total abuse of power by no fault of ours.

Just to clarify once again, I have never been a memberror of the occult. I have also never prostituted for them through my own accord. Never would I volunteer for that position. And nor do they have a contract that says otherwise. Not even verbally.

I have had many intimate relationships in my life but not once did I consider any of them to be a mobsters. I knew through instinct that the men in my life were not showing up for no reason whatsoever but I just did not know why.

Now I know that I was dealing with a cult. Thesee men were not just ordinary. I wish that I knew then. Now I am trapped and they are part of the reasonew for my downfall. And the reason for why I am learning so much about the occultism lifestyle.

You see, my upbringing was normal. Never did I have to worry about ‘nuptials’ or ‘buns’ or anything else that was occultic. I went skiing, canoeing, camping, sailing, traveling, etc. like a normal human being. As far as the occult is concerned, I have never seen such craziness in all my days yet I am the one being fried to death. Talk about abnormal.

At work today, it seemed that almost everyone was invloved in my torture. I was being radiated from ever angle anytime someone came near me and I still do not understand why this is happening outside of the fact that there is someone out there that was and is very jealous of me. Other than that, what I am going through is uncomprehensible.

They are still screaming by the way as if every dog doesn’the have his day and it is tiresome. They kept me up for a long time last night and my body is weary. 24 hours a day, I go through the same crap.

Now just to set the record straight… I was never occulted. So why do they continue to bother those that they had nothing to do with? Why do they insist on torturing innocent people? How much are they really making after spending millions of dollars a year to torture one individual? By using the weapons alone on a 24 hour basis, I am almost certain that what they do is not cost effective so why do they? What is the urgency? What if people aren’t ready to die? Are we all suppose to pull a Myron May or an Aaron Alexis?

And why is gang stalking being introduced on American soil. Did our leadership suck that bad? Where is the leadership that we as Americans our use to. Not to exclude other countries because they are going through it as well.

Where is our help? Where are the ones that swore to protect us? Where did everyone go? Does the answer lie in the world of the occult? What is it going to take to get things balanced again? Who is it going to take? When will we be free again?


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