Today was a very crappy day. After over a year of being unemployed, I finally found a temporary position with a small company. Now even though it is a temporary job, the local gang stalkers still refuse to leave me alone.

In my reality, if a company doesn’t want you working for them, then they either let you go without any severance or benefits and sometimes with or they lay you off so that you can at least collect unemployment benefits. In my case, being a temporary employee, they can call the temp service and blatantly say that they no longer need you right? Why torture you to death.

Well, unfortunately, that does not happen while being stuck in the world of gang stalking. I am now being violently attacked on the job, as usual, simply because they feel that they can get away with it.

Because I am being illegally wired and transmitted, the projectiles to my head have been fierce. And it makes it hard to concentrate because of the radiation and projectiles being thrown at me.

I know that some people may say that the story that I am telling may be a joke but I am still here to say that what I am confessing is very real. Even I wouldn’t have believed it if I had never went through it myself. The local gang stalkers have admitted that they want to assassinate me but for lack of reason, I don’t know why.

It is not as if I was an enemy of the state or someone in a high position of government, or better yet, running with a member of the mob intentionally. There is a lot of anger in people and I feel that much of their anger is fabricated.

I am not a concubine or a sex slave. Never in my days would I have agreed to such a thing, so no contract has been broken in my opinion. And even in jealousy, why would anyone attack me this way or feel the need to assassinate me unless it had something to do with a just a little personal vendetta because someone gave them the power to do it? Bottom-line…someone got their feelings hurt and I would guarantee that it is of no fault of mine.

Why can’t they just leave me and my family alone? What is the desperation?

I don’t owe them anything. Not even fees or dues. What is the problem?

Also, I would like the public to know that if I were to pass away from so many attacks then there is to be absolutely NO cremation. Don’t let them burn all the evidence away. Plus, I don’t want to feel in death as if I am being sent to hell because as God’s child, he wouldn’t like that at all. I am gifted. I have requested an underwater burial and I will expect to receive it and I want to be buried with my poetry that can be found on this site as well so that those of the future can enjoy it. Make sure it is waterproofed.

If Jim Todd, Ron Gilbert, Steven L. Cox, George Breedlove, Theresa McCullough, Robbie Bolden, Bill Rogers and any other of my stalkers/torturers that I have mentioned on this blog need to pay for it, then take it to the Supreme Court until they do.

It really is sad when you know who is torturing you and no one does nothing.

Thanks for listening. GOD BLESS.


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