More On My Targeting Experience- A T.I. Testimony

It has been a while since I have written about my targeting experiences; so consider this an update on my situation.


What I have learned…

I am being heavily targeted by an occult whose members include White Supremacists (Klaverns and Klaverts) and members of the Taliban.  I am not sure if there are any other hate groups or organizations involved. I have learned this by listening as they constantly scream out throughout the day and night using there COM and V2K systems as a part of their psychological warfare.

As it turns out, I may be a substitute for someone who is a member of their occult. They needed someone to take their place in what they call the ‘SUE’ so, unfortunately, I was the one who lucked up. At least that is what they were saying anyway. And it has a lot to do with a female named Theresa McCullough and a male named Michael whom I may have had a previous relationship with. Because they “have mouths to feed”, I am the one being tortured to death and my own family is suffering because of their selfishness. I have never joined or been a part of any occulted organization, so why they would drag someone into their ‘SUE’ drama who had nothing to do with it is truly beyond me. I am not even a member of Scientology but this kind of torture is reminiscent of their ‘Fair Game’ program. Are they even allowed to ‘Sue’ or ‘Fair Game’ people who are outside of their organizations or what they call ‘Houses’, ‘Beds’, ‘Universities’, ‘Hospitals’, ‘Dens’, etc.?

Anyway, from what I have gathered, they occult those that don’t mind being concubines and prostitutes as far as the females are concerned. They go crazy in their attempts to gain ‘nuptials’ (marriage)and ‘buns’ (children, preferably boys). As to the men, a lot of them are gay so it makes it difficult for the straight females (Lipsticks) of the group to say ‘I do’.


Electromagnetic-Directed Energy Weapons

I am still being lasered to death. It continues on and off through the day and night. I can’t escape it because of this illegal transmitter that has been planted inside my body in which their doctors refuse to acknowledge. I can’t even wake up good before their lasers are on me again. I can’t even work a temporary job without them shooting me with something.

I don’t think I have had a doctor yet that has not been a part of their organization. They lie for one another so I am not really able to get anything ‘real’ done medically.


Medical Problems

These stalkers have no regard to what they do to their targets or what type of medical issues they may be causing for them. They just don’t care. It is an occult after all.

The current medical issues that I am having are as follows:

Degenerative Spine- This is something that I never suffered from until experiencing laser weapons to my spine. The perpetrators have allowed the beams to travel up and down my spine on multiple occasions. Believe me, this was a shock even to me.

Retina Damage- Although I have not officially undergone an eye exam, I do feel a difference in my right eye since being shot with lasers to my face on an almost nightly basis. A medical professional at Memorial Hospital only looked at it and said that I suffered from dry eye. Now that may be true since my eyes are being shot with laser beams but a bigger problem does exist behind my right eye. As I have said before, I can feel a difference after so many years of suffering through the lasers.

High Blood Pressure- Something that I have also never suffered until recently. Memorial Hospital of Martinsville diagnosed this.

Cranial Area- My cranial area feels so uncomfortable after also being hit with constant laser abuse. It also feels like it was somehow reconstructed at the top of my head. Sometimes the perpetrators will take the laser and create circles with it on the top of my head. Sometimes it gets very tender. Years ago, I have also experienced what felt like cranial hemorrhaging.

Schizophrenia/Schizo-affected- Both of these diagnoses were given by doctors without an MRI. It happened after I tried to tell them my experiences while being targeted. When I mentioned the V2K system and repeat some of the things that the person over the V2K system were saying to me, the doctors say the same thing…”Sounds like Schizophrenia,” and then I am stuck with these diagnoses without further testing.

Anemia- I have suffered from Anemia my entire life so it wasn’t a surprise that the so-called professional who claimed to be calling from a doctor’s office that I recently visited said that I had it. The reason I doubt this professionals position is because she also said that the doctor needed for me to come in for another test but she failed to schedule the appointment and never called back. I also found her conversation very strange.

Heart Condition- Most of the time I cannot feel my heart beat. I can only describe it as feeling as if my heart was stopped or replaced. Strange, I know, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

Other- I have seen many doctor’s so far and not one of them has mentioned that I have cancer or may be in need of chemotherapy. I am not sure that what this goon over their COM (V2K) system was saying was true or whether he wanted to scare me but he mentioned just that… That I was going to need chemotherapy. What was the point in going through all of that hospitalization?

I am also having skin problems because they refuse to stay away from face when using their lasers. It is now very blotchy and two-toned from where the lasers hit. It’s no wonder since I have been dealing with these weapons since 2012. And yes, they sit around together in groups 24 hours a day somewhere in the city and they screen people (illegal surveillance), shoot their lasers, and scream to their heart’s desire. It seems that it is all they want to do.


More quotes by gang stalkers. Now some of these quotes may not be verbatim. As I listened to their screaming, even I was like, “What did he/she say?” Sometimes their speech is muffled, most of the time it is not. Other times, I stop listening. These people are so annoying.

“We wanted to defy you and your family.”

“I was the one that got you a truck.” (The word ‘truck’ doesn’t mean what you would think it would mean. But what type of ‘truck’ this particular Black female was talking about, I have no idea. They have their own lingo.)

“He would have told, you in the way.” (In the way of what I wonder.)

“We hid the floor.” (I can only assume that the ‘floor’ is wherever they are grouped up. I have heard them mention the Squire Armory on multiple occasions but whether they are there or not is beyond me. It makes sense, though, that they need a place that will house a lot of people.

“He has already told you are being CAD-ed.” (They are using a CAD program to build their projectiles and so-called trajectories that are used to aim and shoot their lasers.)

“We wanted to pull it from this pot.” (This must be the same as when they said, “We will dig deep in your wallet.” Long story short, my wallet is empty. They took care of that years ago so they must be talking about someone else’s.)

“…needed nuptials.” (Many of these home wreckers in their ‘agency’, ‘den’, ‘bed’ need this.

“We need to lie.”

“We wanted to leave ya’ll dead.”

“It’s gooned.”

“We are sexual predators.”

“We need a broom.”

“…lethal projectory.” (This is what they shoot my way almost everyday.)

“We was to worsen your condition.”

“…didn’t need we done.” (No we didn’t.)

“We needed ya’ll destituted.” ( We see that all day. No wonder I have been out of a job for over a year and my son is being refused his benefits from the military due to his discharge which wasn’t what was promised him.)

“You know the way we get DON-ed.” (Yes, they are talking about a real mob, folks. They either have a DOM or a DON. In this case, they are dealing with DONs’.

“This was one of the biggest walls.”

“You got COM-ed.” (This must be why we can hear these stalkers everywhere we go. It is there communication system.)

“You thought you were around normal people.” (He may have said ‘men’ instead of ‘people’. I wrote this quote down as an afterthought after it was said.)

“We don’t need a bastard of any kind!”

“Some of us DON.”

“We are in such a vicious felony!” (No shit.)

“It occult who family.” (Obviously, they want us to know. But what does that have to do with those who aren’t family? Those who didn’t know anything about it but are being tortured to death?)

“…vicious cult.” (It couldn’t remember the entire quote so I wrote the tail end of it.)

“We wanted to be ya’ll equivalent.”

“We are very neanderthalic!”

“We are concubines for the occult!”


Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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