“You Are Buried To A Lot Of People”-A Testimony

I wish, sometimes, as a Targeted Individual, that I could draw a firewall around my body, my life, and the lives of my family. No more interference from gang members or anyone else for that matter. And even if they managed to sell that type of thing, I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. It is absolutely torture and I want so badly for these gang bangers to leave me alone.

Many of them claim to be refugees so it amazes me that they still feel very comfortable running their illegal programs. Especially, after seeing Donald Trump’s latest attacks on refugees. And, wildly enough, many of them aren’t the ‘sovereign citizens’ that they claim to be. Obviously all of them couldn’t possibly be granted immunity from prosecution.

How do I know? Because they are in my ear from the time that I go to sleep at night until the time I wake up in the morning. They admit to it. Wherever they are in the city of Danville, Virginia, they make it their duty for me to hear the same voices of the same people most of the time. It’s only on occasion that I may hear someone new.

These people are so obsessed with provoking me year after tiresome year and I don’t know why. My torture is more like a sport to them, more so, than an experimental operation. After so many years of destroying my life, you would think that they would have already accomplished what they sought to do. They have cut me off from making any money for myself, they have kidnapped my children, turned family members against me including old friends that I no longer have any relationship with. They have even used their weapons on me almost everyday since 2012. The entire program is that ridiculous, yet, it never ends. Why am I the one who has to suffer so?

Why me? How was I a threat to so many people whom I barely know?

As I said, they do it more out of sport than anything else in my opinion. There is no good excuse.

And I know for a fact that I could find a million other things to do than to sit around year after year shooting lasers at people. If they wanted to really kill someone (which they probably have, I am sure that they could have found a less time-consuming way of doing it. Gang stalkers are the biggest thorn in my behind.  They won’t even let me go to sleep or wake up in the morning without leaving a projectile in my face or somewhere on my body. You can only imagine how angry I get.

And even when I go to the doctor (more recently Dr. Trost and Dr. J. Schifflett), they say things like “It sounds like Schizophrenia,” when I tell my story which makes me even angrier because I know then that they are also a part of the same network of people who are causing me so much pain.

Now, tell me…Do you think that either of those doctors did an MRI to indicate that I was in any way schizophrenic? No they did not. They just label my paperwork as if I am a schizophrenic and I am stuck with a false label on my medical records and total defamation of my character because it is the way they get away with what they are doing to me. It is funny when the only MRI that I had after 5 hospital visits said that there was nothing wrong me and yet when I don’t get an MRI, I am somehow labeled schizophrenic. Really funny.

I just want to get away from these people. Anyone have any ‘bodily and life firewall’ suggestions that Targeted Individuals can use to keep away the goon squads?

Anyway, below are just a few more quotes that were said by the local gang stalkers. There aren’t many this time because sometimes, I just get tired of writing what they say. They talk entirely too much. It’s still as if they are all in high school.



“We were thinking about pumping you full of STDs’.” (Evil… aren’t they? Why would I have STDs’ when I am not sexually active?)

“That’s what we are trying to do.” (Prior to this comment, they were talking about putting people in body bags so that is where this particular quote came after.)

“He wants you dead.” (Funny how many enemies you can have when your not even associating or bothering anyone. Simply put…They are self-righteous, power-freakish, butt-holes. When you’re not kissing their behinds, they have hissy fits. And now they want me dead. Wow.)

“He hid it at costs.” (Obviously, they didn’t.)

“You got buried to a lot of people.” (That would either mean that I am ‘dead’ to society or many people are expecting me to die from this for real. Not sure which but it does seems as if they want to kill me. They just won’t stop.)



Splice- This is what they call what they have done to my body by using what another target called physiosurgery. I assume that this type of surgery is part of the Transhumanistic agenda.  And when they are ready to change your body, they don’t ask permission when you’re a Targeted Individual.

Thanks for listening and God Bless



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