THE V2K Doesn’t End!-T.I. Testimony

I have found that gang stalkers are the most selfish, shallow, tunnel-visioned party of people that I have ever seen in my life. Their main concerns are as follow:

1-What you look like (Appearances)

2.Who ‘whipped’ who sexually

3. Nuptials (Weddings) & Buns (Babies that were born of D. I.’s assumedly)

4. Mugging (Stealing)

5. Status Quo & Blood-lines

6. Money

And not in that order. The above has been the gist of their conversations as they scream (or rather whine) all over the city using V2K and other tactics. I can’t tell you how nerve-wrecking it is to listen to these people.


Below are more quotes shouted by gang stalkers in the local Danville area. It just never ends. I am still amazed by their lingo.

“They ain’t letting you live.”

“You in ignore.”

“This is the con of the year!”

“He indeeded the SIMS.”

“He’s a Fed.”

“We all like to share.”

“Now they know we maxed.”

“We did it 1000.”

“We got to den dough.”

“The wheeze is Billy.”

“They was watching everything that was going on.”

“Yeah you got stuck.”

“This is a box.” (This pretty much means that I am being boxed-in and ambushed.”

“…sees your Morning Star.” (I have never signed up for the Morning Stars for the record. They must be talking about a birth right that I know nothing about.)

“We phoned you a while.” (I don’t know who they are phoning me in to or why.)

“Now they there’s a ghoul.”

“They were trying to ignore trauma.”

“We need you to fail.”

“They see we snuck.”

“…putting good in jail.” (Self-explanatory. They are locking up good people.)

“They don’t believe that we threw the system.” (They surely have. They have their own identity theft system that un-qualifies people for employment and it makes it easy for them to steal any and everything that are target owns, including their bank accounts, debit cards, etc. I know this because this is what they explained has happened to me and I am an eye-witness to what it can do.)

“He was trying to weed you in jail.”

“He even stole your website.” (This may be the way that they are trying to set me up for embezzlement. I have heard them scream a lot about that. For the record, I don’t embezzle.)

“He was embezzling the city.”

“He needed Kenny Scruggs.” (You may have heard this one before.)

“…we spoofing people.” (This means that they are lying about people on their so-called T.V. Look forward to getting illegally surveilled. They make a show out of it.)

“They will try to fight all the compensation you deserve.”

“He was destroying the birth.” (Assumedly, they were talking about the birth of one of my children whom they claim is fathered by a D.I. I have never seen any DNA results in order to fact that.)

“You suppose to be with outlaws.” (Now why in the heck would I want that.)

“He wanted to throw all of your stuff away.”

“We fooled your life.” (They are stealing my identity.)

“You getting vowed by a computer.” (That may not be all the computer is doing. It seems that they are using a computer to ‘un-qualify’ me from employment. No wonder I can’t find a job.)

“You can’t be Khalil-ed.” (Khalil was someone else whom I had a brief relationship with while I was in college. I can’t even remember his last name.)

“We got in a whole lot of vandal.”

“He wants you dead.”

“He wants to indeed the die.”

“We are in war!”

“We helped loiter.”

“You got lesbi’s.” (Isn’t that something. Many of my stalkers are lesbians and I am not gay. That is a wow even to me.)

“What we did really nuked you.”

“This was no prank.”

“This ain’t no case of mistaken identity.” (No….Really!? These people know exactly what and who they are doing.)

“This was going to truck you for life.” (Truck me where, I have no idea.)

“We did beds.” (Beds, I assume, is another name for dens. It could also be what they call their brothels.)

“You know how Brittany used you.” (Who is that?)

“It was the package that we magistrated.”

“Ya’ll were to be the welfare family.”

“They was going to keep you in psychological warfare.” (They still are. And I am still getting lasered to death almost every night.)

“They were tying up your identity.”

“You might be missing.” (Where are they going to take me where no one will know about it? Did they forget that I have some type of transmitter in my pelvic area? They follow me everywhere!)

“We was protecting a tour.” (Explains how this is all over the world. These people are on tours.)

“It’s a wiring ring.” (Yep. They will take money straight from your bank account.)

“…busted over 80 people.” (I don’t know if that was a skit but the 80 people were those within the wiring ring.”

“You settled the store.”

“We developed a government.” (It is similar to the Sovereign Citizen Brigade. But, yes, they really have. Our laws, somehow, don’t apply to them and they are under constant immunity no matter how bad the crime is. And they have their own system as well.)

“It’s a criminal gang.” (So many names for the same thing. Gang Stalking.)

“They know we get flogged.” (I don’t know if this is literal but if it is. Thank goodness it isn’t me.)

“Yeah, ya’ll gotta get Ecoli.” (They really mean this too. Supposedly, by being wired with this chip. They can shoot us with something called CY 9 (Not sure if this is how you spell it) , Cyanide, Ebola, possibly Ecoli, or whatever appeases them at the time. I have had so many chemicals put in my body that I feel ridiculous talking about it even though it is true. But it is a game for these grown children.)

“We wanted to sleep deprivate you. “He put you in unqualifiables.” (Meaning that no matter how much I try, I won’t be able to get a job unless it is one that they want me to have. Because I am now ‘unqualified’ based on what they put in the system, I am without money to support myself. Who knew it was so easy? Blacklisting or Black-balled would be a good words for it.)

“”We shoul toe up your identity.” (Which means: We sure tore up your identity. I believe it. I have even filed identity theft recently in order to flag those using my credit.)

“We needed your offer.” (I don’t know what offer they were talking about but I have never received one.)

“We’ll need a new offer.”

“…we move your body parts.” (I believe that too.)

“They know why you still ain’t got a job yet.”

“Ya’ll in illegal bugs.”

“We got a new identity.” (I think they meant mine.)

“You’re a mark.” (Seriously? Really? Wow.)

“Frog your identity.” (Some of those that are stalking me went to George Washington High School with me in the 90s and there was a female named Tiffany Carter whom they use to call Frog. We, along with another Tiffany were all on the cheerleading squad together. I am not sure if they are mistaking me for her or whether they do that to all their victims. And that was in the 90s folks! It’s 2017!)

“They got you in development.”

“We are repetitious.”

“You ain’t no dud.” (Everyone is suppose to a dud except for the ones in their den.)

“We act like ya’ll don’t need ya’ll’s  identity.” (Yep. They do.)

“We dogged ya’ll ass.”

“We squirt you with cyanide.”

“You got nothing.” (I beg to differ.)

“We are playing around like its toys.” (They are speaking of the weapons they use.)

“This ruins your reputation.”

“We needing D.I.’s.” (You know, I am really not understanding who D.I’s are suppose to be. 🙂 )

“Their in ambushels.”

“Ya’ll will completely innocent.”

“It’s completely illegal.”

“We’re putting too many in codeine.”

“He was trying to trying to steal your I.D.”

“We getting you debt.” (Well, judging by a $6,000. doctor bill, I would say so.)

“It’s Stevie.” (I can believe that too. Steven L. Cox if your wondering.)

“He means to pry.”

“You wasn’t trying to obtain money from these people.”

“This is what they do in Russia.”

“We participate in anything you do.” (I’ve got copy cats too folks.)

“Now they know who told Sabina to orchestrate.”

“I will tell them your sick.” (I sure am. ‘SICK of GANG STALKING! SICK of the LIES!)

“They would see you con.” (I wonder what they have set up now.)

“He see he wanna flooze you.”  (I am going to assume that they mean that they want to make it seem as if I am some type of floozie. Wow. And I haven’t even heard the ‘floozie since possibly the 80s or 90s. Someone has too much time on their hands.)

“We get dogs.” (Words of Wisdom: Just because you get dogs doesn’t mean that you have to keep them.)

“It’s what we like to concoct.” (I will take ‘CORRECT’ for 1,000 Alex!)

“We ain’t getting no bait.”

“This is identity theft equipment.” (This we know.)

“We was to leave the two of you in lies.”

“They forge you.” (They are forging my name on something.)


  1. Basement- I am going to assume that this means that they are in the ‘basement’ of their organization.

2. Fi Fo Fum- As the Giant use to say…Fe Fi FO Fum. I can only assume that this means something BIG.

3. Truck- I have no idea. Sounds like a term for human trafficking to me.

4. Spoof- Lies on top of lies. Possibly in skits that they use for their so-called T.V. They have been videoing me for a very long time without my knowledge.












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