More Lies, More Bills- A T. I. Testimony

I reported prior to this entry that I was admitted into Memorial Hospital in Martinsville, Va. with the intention of getting a chip removal. In the emergency room, they requested that I be admitted into the Behavioral Unit of the hospital. It was alright with me as long as this chip or whatever it was removed. I knew that there was nothing wrong with me because I had already played that game before by admitting myself into Danville Regional Medical Center.

It was a 911 call that led me there. (I will post the audio of that call later. Even that was not within protocol). As to the story, Corporal Grubbs and a detective answered the call. I am sure our conversation is on video somewhere. Now, the reason I say this is because Corporal Grubbs was adamant about the not so fact that the State would pay for my visit if I were to get this chip in my body removed.

Obviously that was not the case because I have recently received two bills in the mail that I will assume are the billing companies for Memorial Hospital.



The first is from Piedmont Diagnostic Radiology P. C. for 29.00 and the other ND is from Emergency Coverage Corp. for 1,381.00. And mind you, I do not even know who Diane Rowell, MD. is but she is, no doubt, listed on the bill. There were about three doctors that attended to me in the hospital and all of them were male. The ones I remember are Reddy and Madonia. What the heck are these people doing? Does it look as if the State of Virginia is doing what Corportal Grubbs said they would do?

Why would I want to be stuck with medical bills with no job and no insurance?

The only reason I wentered to the hospital to begin it has was because the officer insisted that I could get the chip removed the same day and… I wouldn’the have to pay for it? Now there are bills in my name even though no one did what I asked them to.

This is the life of a Targeted Individual.

I did also want to add a journal entry that I wrote while being hospitalized. I wrote it rather quickly so it looks some kind of sloppy but you will get the picture and, yes, this was the original. Dr. Reddy is not a nice guy. The man was going to force feed me the medication!

Take a looksy…





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