Another Gang Stalker Confessional- A T. I. Testimony

Nothing has changed around here in Danvill, Va. The gang stalkers are still at it 24 hours a day. And their weapons are still in use. Every day and night, I suffer through

literal stabs to my head, projectiles all over my body, and the occasional lasers that they are forever experimenting with.


Below, you will find more of what the local gang stalkers in Danville, Va. have to say.


“They say that indeed you mandatory.”

“You’ve had too many MRI’s.” (Believe me, I don’the know how they get or use our MRI’s.)

“They were going to sue you at Walmart.” (Not sure what theyes meant but I do recall several people telling me that I needed to reply there and became angry when I refused. Also, I have ran into many gang stalkers at Walmart. They bat their hand at me when they see me coming and, sometimes, get radiated after they do it.)

“Yes, we killing people.” (I guess these criminals are so comfortable in not getting caughthe that their tell-all shouldn’the matter. T.I.’s know this to be true. Yes, they are killing people.)

“We get a free place to live.”

“Their women went in brothels.”

“These people got TB’s.” ( TB is short for turberculosis.)

“He led you with lies.”

“They gonna bring hell to Sabina.” ( I don’t know who Sabina is but she seembed to be having a good time torturing me.)

“”They know how we violating your privacy.”

“Nobody is to know it’s Iqbal’s.” (His name is Iqbal Ahmed. We went to high school together and we also on the school magazine together as well. I never would have guessed. Makes me wonder if what they said was true.)

“It Iqbal’s you.” (Wow.)

“They didn’the believe we done.”

“This is too easy.”

“We taught we failed you up.”

“We need exaggerated language.”

“He was to let the police drug you.” (Now that is real messed up.)

“You know we ain’the in bunny.” (These women can’t pretend. Obviously, they don’t belong to Playboy even though they may want to.)

“You didn’t do.”

“They know we deep in your mind.” Yeah, and they need to get out of it. Who wants a bunch of criminals in their mind 24 hours a day?)

“They thought we faded you.”

“We thought you didn’the need an MRI.” (Well, at least I know now who set me up in Memorial Hospital in Martinsville.)

“We couldn’the be with Billy.” (These women are pining away over someone that I had a brief relationship with several years ago. His name was Billy Rogers.)

“We need you in jail.”

“Mustapha know why we need you in jail.” (Talk about an ambush. Constant framing is now the story of my life. They may be talking about my ex-husband Mustapha Accolatse, Sr.)

“Ya’ll didn’the need to be CAD.”

“Yout really nailed a thief.”

“We just wanted to slay you.”

“He knows we were stealing your identity.”

“They know the one stealing your identity.”

“They need to fold you in robbery.”

“We started an apartheid.”

“We can’talk even cross into Mexico!”

“The stoway is State.”

“We purchased the business together.” (Wow. They purchased an illegal business together.)

“We indeed take away your opportunity.”

“We using you for genocide.”

“They know he ain’the legit.” (I am guessing that they were rever ring to Lou who owns Lou’s Barbershop.)

“We never used it to this magnitude.”

“Ya’ll are being illegally attacked.”

“Why are we doing so much to a female?” (Good question.)

“We wanted to finally Institute you.” (Like I haven’the been TDO’do to many times already.)

“We smiling in everything we did.”

“We’d never admit.” (Funny. Looks to me as if they already had.)

“We wanna be fly!”

“We did it on the fly.”

“Things beginning to unravel.”

“We got who batteries.” (The plural for ‘batter’.)

“He can’take believe he has TB.”

“They gon have to quarantine.”

“They thought they were doing it on the sly.”

“Yeah, people walking around with TBs’.”

“Too many walking around with Turberculosis.”

“Now it ain’the fly!”

“We hit the f $ck out of you.”

“Now they see the way they drawing people in it.”

“We carrying disease.”

“Yes we whining our way to debt.”

“Doug knows we in illegals.”


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