It’s The Taliban!- A T.I. Testimony

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I am so tired. Exhausted actually.

I had an intake today with a counselor at Pittsylvania County Community Services. She told me that her name was Tara Venable but the name tag on the bookcase behind where she sat was Tara Scott. Maybe she has gotten married and failed to change her name on the name plate in her office or maybe she was also a fake like most of the so-called professionals that seem to surround me on a 24 hour basis.

Honestly, I thought it was mighty funny that she tried to play as if I were delusional like everyone else. Based on the paperwork sent from Memorial Hospital in Martinsville, my diagnosis without the help of a MRI was called Schizoaffective Disorder. Give me a break.

As soon as you start talking chip-removal, the so-called ‘professionals’ start to have a field day. Loading your history with nothing short of blatant lies. It is truly tiresome when your trying to prove your innocence because the goons believe that the fake without real evidence is enough. They don’t want you, as a T.I. to prove anything because then they will have to admit that they were wrong. Why should they be wrong about anything when they are suppose to be or are at least pretending to be the ultimate authority.

Seriously, what I have been through so far has been a eye-opener. My gang stalkers are attempting to get away with murder and I am not suppose to do anything about it.

And just in case you are wondering, from what I have gathered, I have been and still am being harassed by non-other than members of the Taliban.

All of the organizations that I have mentioned within my previous entries: the KKK and its Black Klaverts, the Quasi Stasi, Scientology, and many other gangs and ‘clubs’ that I may not have mentioned may all affiliated with the Taliban. It seems that this may be the reason that these people have managed to infiltrate the world with its evil. The family of thieves is huge! They are representative of a new-age mob that, frankly, I did not know existed.

And to think that I have been puppeteered by these Taliban-ians for almost my entire life without even knowing! No wonder I have met so many people over the years! Some famous, some not so famous.

And there women make such a big deal about being wedded and creating ‘buns‘ (or children) but, for the life of me, I could not figure out way. Can I assume now that the main reason is because it is their way of growing the Taliban in order to gain control of the world and the people in it. The more cons they have, the more power they gain. Can anyone see that it is working? When they are stealing money directly from our accounts, whose going to question them when everyone around them is just like them. And if we the victims attempt to press charges, not to worry, they have a buddy in the judicial system that can handle that to the point where it is not in the victims’ favor to do so.


Anyway, as to the appointment earlier, I was called ‘delusional’ over and over again when I mentioned that all I wanted was a ‘chip’ removal. I have been laser-ed to death everyday since the year 2012 and anyone that I mention it too just shrugs it off as a mental issue. It gets really easy when they are outright lying about it or not offering the proper testing used to discover the problem. My life right now is a OCD’d Merry-Go-Round. It’s the same thing over and over again.

My father was there today and was sent in to the counselor’s office where I was being ‘faked’ out. The only thing that I wanted was to find another doctor that could diagnosis me properly with the added, “We will remove the chip for you,” after examination.

I did not ask for all of this! This is so LD and definitely not me. My father even threatened that my mother was going to go downtown and fill out paperwork to have me committed because I refuse to go any further until I was properly exam-ed.  Well, I guess you know now what may happen next.

And the sad part of the story is that… 1. I had already voluntarily checked myself into the local hospital around 2008. Had the MRI, just to find that nothing was wrong with me.

“It’s just slight depression,” the young lady said.

After the fact, 2. My mother had me arrested twice prior to my hospital stay at Memorial Hospital in Martinsville. The first diagnosis was… “There is  nothing wrong with you.” The second was as I was sitting in the back of a police vehicle, “Your not suppose to be here. We don’t even have the right paperwork.”

And now that that they have found a possible Taliban-ian doctor who can fake a diagnosis, they are having a field day with my mentality. Freaking incredible! And these people have been following me since I was 11 years old!  No wonder I have been through so much hell in my lifetime. I am not Taliban-ian and nor was I their concubine! My family is American Indian not ‘Afghanistan an’. Why me? What did my family drag me into?


Below are just a few  more quotes that have been screamed through the V2K system by the local gang stalkers’ in the Danville area. I did not right down as much this time because these people talk entirely too much! And the way they projectile me every night makes me too tired some times to pick up a pencil. And in other times, I try to ignore them. It’s life as usual until they start acting a fool.


“He’s messing with your family.”, “…Esther.” (It seems that one of these gang stalkers and I are related through the American Indian side of the family. Esther was my great-grandmother. Her mother, Bessie, was 100% American Indian. I use to brush her lovely hair as a kid.)

“You weeded on our code.” (The code being the word ‘Nefertitti’. Hey, they were the ones screaming it!)

“Somebody’s holding on to refugees.” (No wonder there are so many foreigners involved. Obama un-caged there families but was gang stalking the reason?)

“They was telling about you in Dell (Dale).” (I am not sure whom they were talking about here.)

“They need you in a jam.”

“It was Dr. Guanzon.” (The doctor that did my hernia surgery when I was a kid.)

“It indeeds you in Taliban.” (No I am not! What did he do?)

“We going to jail!”

“They weed Guanzon’s.”

“We weed what we didn’t need to do.”

“They put Steve in nuptials.” (I believe they may have been speaking of Steven L. Cox again. Assumedly his nuptials are within the Taliban.)

“Ya’ll didn’t even lack nuptials.” (And why were we suppose to marry into the Taliban again?)

*By the way, these gang stalkers were shipped kits that allow them to do what they want to whoever they want. That may be the reason that so many T. I.’s exist today. Who issues these kits, I don’t know but somebody definitely is and this kit is criminal accessible. Just thought I would mention it.)

“What they did is not easy.”

“They hid you in the Taliban.” (I know right. Freaking incredible. They are sooooo sneaky!)

“We wanted to get away with a lot.”

“Ya’ll were being bought by the Taliban.” (For some people, how easy would that be when you have members of every hate group and organization infiltrating our very existence. They are a dime a dozen! I have been surrounding by them most of my life and didn’t even know it!)

“They said you would never feel it.”

“You would spend your whole life with scrubs.” (Thanks for sharing. I guess I know now that they may have controlled, not only the men in my life, but my pay scale too. I rarely made more than 9.00 an hour, even though it was workable, knowing that I was worth so much more.)


Thanks for listening. God Bless.

















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