Another Sad T.I. Story-The Short, Complete Story

From the book Heaven Calling-Hearing Your Father’s Voice Every Day of the Year-The October 19 inspirational…

A Special Assignment

Precious child, I hear your prayers and see how burdened you are over an uncertain future. Trusting me when you don’t know where that road is leading can be a challenge. But honor me when you preserve through all things.

In the days of the early church I used persecution to promote the spread of the gospel message. Likewise, I can use the seemingly insurmountable roadblocks in your life to accomplish great things for my kingdom.

Don’t let the worries of today stop you from pressing on tomorrow. Keep praying. Draw near to me through my Word. And know that I am boldly forging a way through roadblocks.


Hi Everyone! I am still here! Yes, I am not dead yet even though many of my tormentors most likely want me to be. How do I know that? Well, a female has vehemently screamed through their V2K system today…”He wants you dead!” (They could be talking about a number of people…Robbie Bolden, Steven L. Cox, Jim Todd. etc. etc.)

I know! It is amazing how many enemies we gain even when we are not mob affiliated!

I have so much to tell but it is so hard to figure out where to start. Let’s see. Well, I think that I will start with the most recent occurrence.


On October 4, 2016, I called the police once again because I was being violently attacked at home. The arriving officer was Corporal Grubbs and a guy who claimed to be a detective. I think it was my third or possibly the fourth time that I had called the police without them really doing anything and this was also the first time that an officer even bothered to show up. I told him blatantly that I have been illegally chipped and I want it out because I have grown weary of being tortured to death.

Now, as most Targeted Individuals know, our perpetrators play a hard game of mental illness in order to discredit a target’s story. You won’t have to guess what happened.

The officer assured me that I could get the chip removed that very day but this was after his claims that I was having a mental issue. As most of us know, there is nothing mental about what is happening to us.

Anyway, officer eventually extended his hand, from what he claimed, in what was suppose to be a micro chip and/or transmitter removal. He talked to my mother and father and gave them direction as to where to take me. He even said that the State would pay for it. (Wow, right?) It became obvious that he and my family had ill intent the entire time.

My mother and I rode all the way to Eden, NC per the officer’s direction just to find out that the State wouldn’t pay for it unless it was a Virginia hospital. So what did we do?

We drove to the Hospital in Martinsville, Virginia called Memorial Hospital of Martinsville.

As we walked into the emergency area and approached the window to check-in, my mother sat in the only chair that was in front of the window as if she were the patient. I knew something was up before we began the trip but when she sat there, the red flag became more apparent.

When the emergency room clerk asked us what we were there for, she said post-partum depression. You best believe that I was too through! So I corrected her mistake and told the clerk that I believe that I have been illegally chipped in my vagina and I want it removed. Right at the door my mother made it a ‘mental issue’.

As I lay there in the emergency room bed, a nurse came in and asked me if I would mind going to the behavioral unit. I had the feeling that they would pull something as crazy as that but because I knew that I was mentally stable from a previous voluntary behavioral unit visit in Danville Regional Medical Center (where I was chipped), I said,

“As long as you get this chip out of me, I won’t mind.” I should’ve said no but I went through it anyway. During my stay, I never received the CAT scan or MRI that I requested. They did, however, make it look as if they had done an x-ray of my vagina. Still, the nurse handling that test a few days later did it so fast that it didn’t seem believable. Did you know that they could come to room to your room to x-ray you now? I had no idea.

Anyway, my visit got more interesting from there. The next day I was what they called TDO’d which I found meant ‘Temporary Detainment or Detention Order’ that is a court order extending a patient’s stay. I could not believe it! These people stop at nothing!  See what happens when the State pays for something! The only reason I was there in the hospital was to get this thing out of me so that these people would leave me alone. Obviously, no one wanted to admit guilt.

Below are copies of the TDO that I received while in the Memorial Hospital of Martinsville.



Well, sorry, I have to go. More on this story later… And believe me it gets better.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



10/24/18 Monday

Hi everyone, I know, this entry was a mess. Sorry I had to leave so suddenly whereas I could not finish telling the latest T. I. experience while in the hospital in Martinsville, Virginia. I am here now.

As I said before, my admittance into Memorial Hospital was not, on my apart, a reason to fix any type of mental condition. The officer that encouraged me to go to the hospital to begin with knew my issue. I wanted a chip/transmitter removal. You know now that that was not his plan.

While in the hospital on the second day, I received the above TDO which required an extended stay in the hospital. I was thrown! How desperate were they to discredit my story! As a requirement for being TDO’d, I was to attend to hearings within the hospital. The Judge residing went by the name Henry, I think.

During the first hearing, he brought out his tape recorder and got down to business. There were only about other people present who were, assumedly, also in the medical field. You can’t imagine how stupid I felt sitting there while these people set me up. The judge shot me down immediately after I told him my story and said that I was pretty much delusional and that there was no truth to my story. It made me angry because, for so-called ‘professionals’… they really weren’t.

I asked for an MRI, CAT scan, Polygraph, FMRI, and a Brain fingerprint so that I could prove to them that my story was, indeed, real and that I had no reason to lie about something so vicious. Needless to say, they did nothing. I never even received the MRI that I requested in which I knew would clear me.


Instead, I received the following diagnosis….


And the following are the prescriptions that I was ordered to take…



The medications prescribed were to be for my thyroid which nothing has ever been wrong be wrong with but the local gang members here seem to love wiring into and playing within my body. It is something another T. I. called physiosurgery if it is even relevant.


(Physiosurgery: It feels like someone is mutilating the inside of your body with a scalpel virtually. A T. I. can be all alone, minding their business, and all of a sudden, someone or something is moving around inside your body and you can feel it while it is cutting away inside you. But no one is there right? Talk about the miracles of satellite!)

The other medications were to somehow regulate my thoughts from what they said. All of this without a MRI. How quaint. My medical record is being destroyed because a bunch of terrorists want to continue to get away with something. How did I luck up?

Even the pelvic x-ray that they were to have supposedly done was off limits to me. According to the Keshavpa G. Reddy, MD, my so-called doctor,

“You don’t need to see it.”

Yes, folks. A doctor didn’t want me to see my own x-ray. Why? Did I possibly tell the truth? Would it be the end of their world if they did they same? Probably. Or maybe they made it look like they did it, but didn’t after all.

As to the second hearing a few days before I was discharged, the Judge sat across from me very smug like and tried to hide a sheet of paper from my view. I still wonder to this day what exactly was he was hiding. Was it another TDO maybe? Or was it something worse? They don’t test like there suppose to anyway so what would be the point? Am I suppose to allow them to continue to harass and violate me without a shred of evidence to show that they are right in their diagnosis? Why would I do that? I missed the memo when they said that we had to voluntarily become their doormat.

I wish you could have seen the look on the Judges face when one of his assistants announced that there was nothing on my medical record that stated that I was not an endanger to myself or others that would give them reason to hold me further.

He screamed to the woman giving the, obviously, uncomfortable truth… ” There’s nothing!” Boy did I want to laugh. How is it that I arrived from such a quiet, comfortable life to a world of constant baiting and frames? I may never know but what they say is definitely true. “Haters everywhere we go.” So many of them hate it that I have not been and am not like any of them.

You probably can guess that I was relieved when he told me that I could go home.  I was discharged on the following Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

It is still hard to believe that I have been arrested twice previously for the same the same thing and I was not doing ‘anything’ to ‘anybody’. My own mother helped set me up and she obviously had helped.  They are tearing my record up with so many falsifications to be ridiculous! Why me Lord, why me!

Anyway, I am also still being tortured daily and nightly with  back to back projectiles and laser shots to my face that hurt like Hades. I still can’t understand why anyone would do so much to me. I guess these people still don’t understand that I am not them. I was not raised in the mob and nor did I want to live that way either. I am not their prostitute and nor do I care to be. They have no rights to my body even they it seems that they think they do. Nor am I Communist. I couldn’t be that evil.

Thanks for listening. And May God Bless You And Yours.



And if ever a T. I needs some encouragement, know that I an rooting for you all so that we may all finally be free.




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