Who Trained These People? (More Gang Stalker Vocabulary and Quotes)- T.I. Testimony)

On with the wretched… the gang stalking program that encourages no values and moralities seemingly at an all time low.   On with the tell-all that cuts no corners.

Below you will find more vocabulary  and quotes screamed in haste by the local ‘harasser club’ located in Danville, Virginia. It is a wonder that they are still in operation. Also, as to the vocabulary below, I used educated guesses based on what the stalkers’ were saying to me over their V2K system. It isn’t as if they keep it all to themselves, so I wrote them down. I am not an expert by no means. Also, if you check out the quotes at the bottom, you will find that I have discovered someone else that I knew in my past who is, supposedly, involved in the many years of my being stalked. Her name was Karena Karoukas originally from New York City (sorry if I have misspelled her name but that is how long it’s been). By the way, do you know anyone with the phone number 470-277-3299? Story below.


Re-memory- This is some type of invention that’s able to record and play a person’s memory. I thought that this was only known in the movies. Are they doing this for real? I assumed that they could only see our thoughts in real time. Are they serious?

Wreath- This, I believe, has something to do with the death of someone.

The Shoo- That is what the local gang stalker’s in Danville call themselves. It may be because they make every attempt to ‘shoo away’ their victims.

Daydream- This is what they call it when someone that they are targeting has actual ambitions or plans for their future they may have been able to accomplish, I think. And when that future is taken away then it is now a ‘day dream’. Gang stalkers have, somehow, survived in an alter reality that was not meant for normal people (those that make every attempt to stay away from trouble due to the laws of our society) so I will assume this is what it means. I am not in their cult, so I can only guess.

The Now- Self-Explanatory, It means…whatever is happening right now.

Celtic- Does this means that they believe in witchcraft? Or is it the literal European ethnicity? Does anyone know?

‘Away In The Manger’- This is their description of someone who is biblical or who at least has faith in the word God

Brothels- Gang Stalker’s are deep into prostitution so it really isn’t surprising that they have harems of women and men.

Sue- The Scientology ‘Fair Game’ program or a program that is similar

Dewey- A slang for something that is written or a description of someone who writes?

Crisp- This is what gang stalker’s want their target’s skin to look like. Just one reason why they overuse their laser weapons.

Mallet- The slang word that gang stalker’s use that means ‘judgment’  such as the judgment one receives within a court system. Just guessing but they use it a lot when it comes to talking about their illegalities.

Gash- To make terrible. Gang stalker’s gash a target’s life.

Banshee- THE ORIGINAL DEFINITION-A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. GANG STALKER DEFINITION- a person that does a lot of screaming, especially over their V2K system 

Use- ‘ the state of being used for some purpose’, This is the curse of being a Targeted Individual. It seems that we are almost always in ‘use’ in some way, shape, or form.

Alum (Alumni)-I will assume that this is whoever runs the show within a group or groups of gang stalkers.

Clubs- The teams or groups of gang stalkers that work together in order to harm a victim.



“Indeed they die!”

“They found out we’re really repressing.”

“You know he gashed you.”

“She did NOT need you to live!”

“We’re homicidals!”

“We gained to acquit him.” (I have know idea who they were talking about here.)

“They wanted to see ya’ll in coffins!”

“We thought it was perfect to illegal.”

“They thought they hid the radio signals.”

“She needs a new signal.”

“They indeed that it is illegal to bug you.”

“You are deeply official!”

“We un-evening your skin tone!”

“It’s evidence!”

“It isn’t ok.” (Good to know that someone has a conscience.)

“Your already in danger.”

“We’re operating with no license.”

“Deep your sharing info.”

“You being mugged.”

“They fake to documentate you.” (Well, I guess I know now how far my police reporting has gotten.)

“You need to now.”

“They didn’t take it all away.” (Yeah, I don’t know either.)

“He said they give you STDs.” (Thank goodness I no longer have that issue. Jeez. Isn’t there a charge for that too?)

“Cause you didn’t give him a little bundle of joy.” (During this time, they were speaking of Damon Joshua, someone that I had an intimate relationship with in the 90’s. Obviously these perps did not know our relationship. Why was I suppose too?)

“…they coved you. And they ain’t asking!”

“They absolutely appall you.”

“They now-ing to boo you so good.” (Who teaches them how to speak?)

“He doing too many tramps.”

“He thought he snuck you.”

“They dealed she banshee.”

“They dough scowled Theresa McCullough.”

“Deep the sue let’s you know.”

“We tried to act like we didn’t.” (Possibly means that they denied the fact that they endanger me.)

“We putting you deep in danger.”

“We didn’t think we had an audience.”

“We taught!”

“We didn’t have to duck.”

“They stay in our memory banks.”

“… and we screaming like banshees!”

“We would hold you to score.”

“Didn’t know you’d do.”

“We deeply ignore.”

“He’s talking to Steve.” (I wondered if they were talking about Jim Todd, an old manager whom helped begin my torture in the local Danville area.)

“We trying to bulldoze you.”

“They trying to hoard you in danger.”

“They wanting to gay your use.”

“They know who Blacked you.”

“He knew Damon Joshua.” (Who I wonder?)

“We gaining ambush.”

“We would scrap everything you do.”

“He’s trying to blind me!” (Can I assume that the weapons are being used on my abusers as well?)

“That’s why we stay up all night.”

“That’s why we are being deeply in mallet.”

“We’re trying to intimidate you.”

“You are not alum.”

“We’re putting the fake on we lack.”

“Scientology is hounding society.”

“Everybody putting their fake on.”

“We know who fouled favor.”

“There ain’t gon’ be no life in the West.”

“He now-ed we are repetitious.”

“Now it looks bad who be in den.”

“We need new wreath!”

“We’re going deep in Black.”

“We gonna suck you.”

“It sows you ain’t shy.”

“Deep they know who we gather.”

“They know the way we misled.”

“Dough know you’ll gather the info.”

“We hoe Greg.” (I pray that I heard this one incorrectly. The only Greg that I know of is the best friend of Steven Cox, another torturer. Seriously? Why would they even announce that if it is true?)

“He know the way we mislead.”

Their putting their D’s on Greg.” ( D’s- A slang, I am guessing means ‘defense’.)

“He didn’t want to know.”

“Now they know the way we devout you.” (I am not in a cult no matter what they do. I have never been, so why would a ‘devout’ matter, one or another?)

“No one shows it that you knew.” (In other words, they are hiding the fact that I know what is going on so that they may continue.)

“They was talking about how to destroy you.”

“Now they know we lazy.”

“They blaming Damon.”

“…he sure did help out.” (Who?)

“You got jail!”

“Ya’ll are being falsely imprisoned.”

“You got disked.” ( I guess the disk is something that they either put in my body or it is a record of what they are doing to me that is recorded on a ‘disk’. Yeah, that’s illegal too.)

“Indeed we capsule.” (I wondered if ‘capsule’ was the projectile that they surround my body with before they laser me. Not sure. I may have to get back to you on that.)

“We’re deep in re-memory.”

“Why do we do it to you?” (Good question.)

“So that I can steal from you.” (Well, you can only guess what they are using re-memory for.)

“We new-ing guilty.”

“We more-ing ambushels.”

“He needed you to be in debt.” (Who exactly?)

“They dying to sue you silly.”

“We need you ugly.”

“There ain’t no fame in it.” (I believe they were speaking of the so-called movie of their street theatre when targeting a victim. Yep. That’s illegal too.)

“Deeply know we pry.”

“He say this was Karena.” (Karena Koroukas (forgive the spelling if it is incorrect) was a female that I knew while attending Bauder College in 1994-1995. She was one of my five roommates. She was from Tallahasse, Florida but claimed to have resided in Brooklyn, New York. We lived in an apartment in Buckhead, Atlanta together in an apartment complex that served as our dormitory. I haven’t seen her since the early 90’s so what she would have to do with this, I would have no idea. What has become obvious, though, is that she is also a member of this crime syndication. They have been stalking me for a very long time!)

“She got f$cked!”  ( A gang stalker just screamed this at me over the V2K system. I am at the library and I can never have one moment to myself. Obviously talking about Karena.)

“We got bums!”

“They uneducate.”

“…they see my declaration.” (Um, how is that any of my business? I haven’t declared anything to anybody.)

“You blew the lid!”

“He let’s Steve in pity.”

“They got scabs.”

“I can’t deep their ‘now’.” (Huh?)

“But you ain’t got no money.” (Thanks for sharing I should say. Now give it back.)

“Indeed they barred.”

“They see clubs!” (Clubs is what they call their groups. I guess they were too uncomfortable with the word ‘cult’.)

“There won’t be no show times.” (Um, why should I care? Firstly, what they are doing is illegal. Secondly, no one is paying me to do anything.)

“He got ‘shoulders’.” (Does this mean that whoever it is has someone to lean on? Who knows.)

“He know we ain’t got being good.”

“Dough know your in deep.”

“They got they in trouble.”

“He says yeah they nail.”

“They indeed they why.”

“He got to the trachea.” (They are probably talking about the ‘scalpels’ to my body that they seem to love to use. Yes folks, this is real.)

“They thinking ya’ll ain’t on exhibit.”

“they know the way we get bucked.”

“Now they know that it’s me!”

“Now they know they nigga bond to you.”

“You know the alum.” (Um…who?)

“That’s the way they kept coming around you.”

“… he’s furious.”

“You need another lump in you.”

“We getting f$cked!”

“Now they know what we got.”



*Why are all of these people stalking the heck out of me?

I received a message from a female who claimed to be from DFACS, assumedly, from family and children services in Georgia because that is who I have been trying to contact in regards to my daughter in regards to a court day for her. I noticed immediately that the phone number’s area code was not a Georgia number. It had a California area code. My question is who was it really? The phone number is 470-277-3299.

You know, with so many of these females attempting to attack my everyday life and make every attempt to ruin my happiness by any means necessary, there is no telling who it was. And why would I need to speak to the California DFCS?

With a reverse phone number lookup on the number and it said…

Contact Information

No age information
Duluth GA 30096

She called from a mobile phone first of all. Could this be another con of my ex-husband’s or was it someone else’s idea? And when she gave me no information as to why she was calling, I knew something was up. The only thing she said was, “I’ll call you back.”

What’s really going on?


Thanks for listening. God Bless.
























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