Zapped Again, and Again, and Again…-A T.I. Testimony

It has been yet another long day as a Targeted Individual.

Earlier today, as I was lounging out on a family member’s deck and I began feeling the usual projectiles roaming over my body. As usual, these people cannot wait to aim those weapons at me no matter what time of day or night it is.

As I felt myself falling asleep, I was suddenly ZAPPED awake! The sting that I felt was horrible and it permeated my entire body. What is their beef? What did people that they never had a relationship with ever do to them? Now, I can’t say that all of them are complete strangers because that would not be the truth. But they seem to enjoy sending strangers around me at any given moment as if they knew me. How much longer do I, and others, have to deal with this? Isn’t the damage since 2012 that is already visible on my body enough? Why do they want to continue to add on to the damage when it is so apparent?

And you know, this would not be the first time that they did this to me. I can recall another time when I was staying in Lithonia, Georgia a little while back. They like to attack me when I become comfortable. Assumedly because they want to keep me in constant unease.

There was a river with sandy bank along it where a few of my family members, friends, and I use to play around. On this particular day, I went alone. You may not be able to fathom how tired I am sometimes because of the fact that I am being stabbed in the head, tasered, lasered and projectiled all over my body, or whatever else they can come up with. I can’t do anything alone without being bothered so going to the river was my attempt to get away from all of the calamities that I deal with on a 24 hour basis. Unfortunately, I have found that as long as I have a transmitter in my body, there is no escape. they zoom in on me from anywhere. In other words, I am never alone. Ever.

Anyway, as I stretched out on the beachy area of the river, I again began feeling calmed by the trickle of the water over the rocks and began feeling sleepy. It was no matter to me at the time that the goons were still screaming at me from all over the place as they are now because the sounds from the water sort of drowned it out a bit. Yes, I was trying to ignore them but it has been made obvious that they hate to be ignored.

As I was laying there, I could hear a truck’s horn blast loudly in the distance and, at that very moment, they Zapped again! The burning feeling, even then, was hard to take.



On September 7th, 2016, I was sitting at a computer near the door of the local library. A female walked through the door and her eyes never left me as she made it inside the door. I remember that her eyes were huge and glassy as if she were high. I can’t actually say that she was high because, obviously, I don’t have the right or ability to do random drug tests. 🙂

Anyway, this female was no ordinary female. Another thing that I noticed as she walked inside was the radiation emitting from her body. I could feel it as she walked passed me and, yes, I was pissed. I hate the fact that I can’t go anywhere without at least one of them stalking me to death. Are these people brave because of the drugs they take or are they naturally slow? They make it so easy for someone to really put a hurting on them. Why do they do it? I don’t think that anyone could have missed the radiation pouring from this female. Is that why they get high? Do they feel it too?

I actually made an attempt to photograph this female. They are just a bit unclear because I was trying to make it quick but if I ever saw her again, I could definitely identify her.

The funny thing was that I have never met this female a day in my life and if I ever had, I do not recall. So whatever issue she has with me cannot possibly be of any substance. At least not enough to radiate me as she did.

I took the below photos from over my shoulder within the library.



Why can’t they just leave me alone? Even as I am writing this, I am being stabbed in my head. This is ridiculous! I am not or have ever been a Scientologist member who should be Fair-Gamed. I am not Statsi. I am not a Klavert with KKK affiliations. I have never been in a lab or signed on to any MK Ultra experimentations so, even I would wonder why they chose me if this is indeed a CIA program. Nor have I ever been a member of any hate groups my entire life so what is the big deal?





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