More On Danville, Va. Gang Stalkers- A T. I. Testimony

And the saga continues…

The local terrorists here in Danville are still doing it up here in the area. I realized a long time ago  that I never had nine-lives so why are these gang stalkers acting as if I do? Once we die, there is no coming back so what is the big deal? They seriously act as if we owe them something! How is that?

This gone on for so long, so, so long… Is what they are doing really that funny? Why does their torture last so long? They weren’t really expecting people not to find out what they are doing to us did they? Can we agree that there are other serial killers that are less anal?  When are they going to stop!

Jeez…This has gone on forever!

Anyway, below are just a few more quotes said by the locals who use the V2K system. It seems that I have to wake up and go to sleep with these people in my ear so why not record them, right? They were written as they were spoken.


“We used crack-cocaine.”

“You know we need the mullet!”

“It was even illegal to operate you.” (Obviously, no one cared, huh?)

“He’s on their committee.” (Yes, they were talking about my ex-husband. I do wonder, sometimes, if these criminals regret helping him at all. I know I do.)

“They were putting Mustapha on a pillar.”

“They want to see your mistreated.”

“They want to leave you untreated.”

“We got a lot of malice.”

“We indeed we choose people at random.” (Thanks for sharing. I am sure that makes T.I’s feel much better. Not! You mean to tell us that there is no reason we should not be living our lives how we choose? What? Were they so bored that tearing the world to pieces was their only option? I loved my body. They could have, at least, left our ‘temples’ alone.)

“They know how you in pain.”


More vocabulary

Bum- They say this a lot. A bum is what they are even though they are making every effort to push T. I.’s to do the same. The local gang stalkers get upset when they find out that you aren’t as much of a bum, or lazy person, as they are.

Bump- This is what they call it when they move someone out of their way or away from a path in life that they don’t want their victims to follow or discover.

Battery- This is the word they use to describe the abuse that they use on their victims.

Indeed- The gang stalking family uses this word obsessively. They believe that they can ‘indeed’ anything. I guess they can ‘indeed’ that they will walk on water too, I guess.


Also, I did want to mention that I have been trying to get a court date for my custody issue to no avail. Recently, I called Gwinnett County in Georgia in order to figure out what I can do to speed the process. I spoke to a woman called Amy Marlboro (at least that is how she pronounced it). She told me that I needed to file for a  Review of Custody in the State of Virginia even though my daughter has been living in Georgia with her father since June of 2013. I have never heard of such. From my previous experience, if a child has resided in state for a year or longer then that is where the jurisdiction is applied.

I think that these people are just making stuff up as they go. Obviously, my calls are being re-routed to them to the point where I cannot get anything done!

Thanks for listening. God Bless.






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