Another Gang Stalker ID-A T.I. Testimony

Another Problem: Theresa McCullough who was arrested for assault a while back and other relatives. She is also the home wrecker that has been causing problems in the marriage of one of my own family members’ marriages. This female is so hard-headed that my relative’s wife had to take Theresa to court for being ever present in her marriage, so to speak. And to make matters worse, not only is this female a literal home wrecker but she is also, from what I hear, a drug addict. Do you now get the idea of the kind of people that I am presently being attacked by? She is also using my relatives to obtain information about me. Obviously, she must be using this information to prolong the attacks and to prevent me from having any relationships socially and professionally.

And, as to my suspicions,  I believe that this particular female is also one of those that is talking me to death on the V2K system that they have set-up in Danville in order to make me miserable.

It feels as if they have really created their very own bootleg soap opera and I, somehow, I ended up being the main character. I call it bootleg because I never volunteered or gave permission to be on anyone’s DVD, nor are they paying me monetarily for the footage. Why do I mention DVD? Because they have talked about so much that I am blue, black, and gray.  Talk about illegal activities!

As of today, I am forced to listen to their whining on a 24 hour basis still. Nothing has changed. But, as of late, I have also begun to wondered whether Steven L. Cox’s ex or present (not sure) female friend named Tina is also behind the V2K system as well.

Could Tina also be behind the torture tactics that they have laid upon my person and is she related to Theresa?

How is it that I have noticed throughout the years that many of the screams that I hear daily in my ear are from those that dote on Steven L. Cox? Are they his puppets? His groupies?

As you probably have noticed by now, my torture program is not a coincidence and nor is an accident.  Thank goodness I despised politics because if I were Mayor here… Oh my God… FMRI’s for everybody. That’s all I will say about that.

The following are more VOCABULARY used by the local gang stalkers’ in Danville, Virginia that I have learned while the V2K system is in constant use:

  1. Rice- I am going to assume that this may be a nationality just based on the context of their conversations. Could if be Africans? Indians? Sorry, not really sure.
  2. Towels- I am also going to assume that this also refers to a nationality. Indians such as Pakistanis’ and others perhaps? Not sure of this one either.
  3. Jews- I have found that they do mean this literally. Yes, they are actually talking about those who are Jewish. I only began to figure this out because I actually worked for a Jewish owned furniture store where I was, eventually, badly work-mobbed. That store still exists today and is called Schewels Furniture. Everyone was so awful. Especially, the second time around. (Yeah, I worked there twice.)
  4. Nub- I am going to assume this one as well. Are they talking about those that are handicapped? Is this the reason why they damage our bodies so much? How would ‘nubbing’ a benefit for them or does it only satisfy their revengeful egos? (Just guessing. Obviously, I don’t speak cult.)
  5. Bun- Is having a ‘bun’ the same as being pregnant or already having children by a certain person of interest or status?
  6. Slit- This is, no doubt, what they want Targeted Individuals to do to themselves. In other words, they want us to ‘slit’ our wrists or, plainly speaking, ‘kill ourselves’.
  7. Wipe- Yes, they want to wipe us out individually and destroy our society.
  8. Dove- This is a description used by local gang stalkers that is said to describe who they are to others. I am only going to assume that it means that being ‘dove’  means that they are nice, loved people. Which, obviously, they are not.
  9. Mow- Beats the heck out of me. Maybe it describes how they walk on top of people.
  10. Vault- This has to be the money that is being used in aide to targeting people that may be managed by a person or group of people.
  11.  Declare- This may be the way they vow or cover up a lie. Sort of a truth or nothing but the truth so help me even if it is a  lie. What do you think? Yes, you remembered. I don’t speak cult!
  12. Seal- This may be the way they cover-up their evils. Like the government, they seal cases that they don’t want to be known to the general public. It’s no wonder that people find it hard to believe that so many people are being targeted. And there is also no wonder that it is hard for T.I.’s to get justice for the crimes being done to them. Our cases are being lied about. We are being falsely accused. And it all comes down to how they have gagged or ‘sealed’ the truth.


Also, below are a few quotes that were said through the V2K system.

  1. They had you weak.”, says my very own mother as she was driving me to the library. (And she is helping them folks! Even admitted that she helped screw up her own child’s life and is leaving me to put it back together again. Yes… I am in WOW mode. This is all so hard to believe but is so true. Heck, I’d take the FMRI even though these people are in my head anyway. All day long…)
  2.  “They got a lot of scabs using you.”
  3. “… you lipped a nightmare.”
  4. We ain’t being Drummonds!”
  5. “You are already ‘sit’ to these people. (The word ‘sit’ to them is how they categorize or classify targets in their communities. It means that the target won’t be able to work, socialize, or do the things that they would normally do.)
  6.  “You gaining new trouble.”
  7. “You gaining new bookies.”
  8. “We thought we did it on the sly.”
  9. “They attack you in clubs.” (Are the new bookies representing the new clubs that continue the targeting process once another is busted or tired?)
  10. “We never wanted to stop.”
  11. “They need to fold they video.”
  12. “She’s in a den.” (At the time that they said this, it was my conclusion that they were speaking of Steven’s friend, Tina.)
  13. “Tina just went wit the flow.” (Now you know why.)
  14. “You ain’t got no technology.”
  15. “She got us to gob.”
  16. “He gaining Johnson.”
  17. “We was ’bout to flip.”
  18. “They want to see who he dies with Cancer.”
  19. “They thinking about injecting you.”
  20. “We would declare…”, a woman says and then another female voice says, “Whenever possible…”
  21. “They didn’t want Danville to have nothing.”
  22. “They know why we vow.”
  23. “You will weep what you sow.”
  24. “He knew that they putting you in  instability.”
  25. “We have handhelds too.”
  26. (They love to scream about matrimonies, ‘buns’, and lumps.)
  27. “There were so many that want to be the boss of you.”
  28. “You know whose wed that did it.”
  29. “He really didn’t want you relieved.” Who the heck do they think they are.”
  30. “He know why we premeditate you.”
  31. “You being cooked.”
  32. “Indeed they bug you.”
  33. And so on… Also while I am being screamed at by a bunch of drug addicts, they are continuously causing extreme pain to my head and body. How many year’s of damage do they want to do?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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