Gang Stalker Harasser On Camera


The Lucky Market on Hwy 29 was the location of my attack yesterday. I was only trying to get a pack of cigarettes. Still, the gang stalker chooses to follow us wherever we are and they have accomplices in guiding to wherever they need us.


The man in the above photo was my attacker. I knew for previous experience that i9t was only a matter of time before someone showed up in order to attack. They didn’t disappoint. When the man above walked through the door I immediately noticed that he batted his arm at me as I stood at the front counter. This motion, I have found, is some type of trigger. I figure that these stalkers may also be bugged or wired in some way. How is it that they only have to bat their arm at their victim, and immediately the victim is suffering from radiation, probes, or some type of weapon that attacks their nervous system to the point that the victim’s head or body begins shaking uncontrollably?

The attack to my nervous system is the weapon that this particular stalker instigated yesterday in the convenience store.  As I stood at the counter when he entered the store, my head began shaking violently and I couldn’t stop it. I just had to wait until the attack was over. Sometimes I can barely speak when this happens.

Another thing that you should know about this stalker is that his style of haircut may be signature to many of the stalkers located in Danville, Virginia. I am speaking of the bald-head and the goatee.

For example…


Steven L. Cox, with the same look…

But… don’t get it misconstrued. Many other signatures are men and women with dreadlocks, women with afros, weave, and wigs. And even though there are many people with those types of hairstyles, for some reason, stalkers are more distinctive. Many of the Caucasian’s men of the network also have bald-heads.


Above is the Gang Stalker stepping into a vehicle.


Here is the vehicle’s back view. I took this shot because I needed to notate the tag number just in case. VA H506094.


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