The ‘THUG’ Life

Someone with the tag name CIADAUGHTER said it well….

“Gang stalking is paid for by foreign cartels against the United States. Gang stalking began in Nazi Germany in the 1930s created by the Nazi regime….”

“…Gang stalking is contract murder for hire to murder americans. Foreign terrorist cartels pay treason Americans to gang stalk you and your family.”

mstmha: Americans’ are not the only ones being attacked but, as CIADaughter mentioned… those that abide by Communism hold the key to what is very wrong.

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Even with so many years of being gang stalked under my belt, it is still hard to believe that anything of this nature would actually exist. Especially in the civilian world amongst so many innocent people.

It seems that I am ultimately being held hostage within the local gang stalker/organized crime system of Danville, Virginia. The key players here are endless.

Honestly, I have never seen anything so pitiful and spiteful in my entire life. How is that people that were never criminals before are now trying to fit into the ‘THUG’ life?

Image result for Thugs in India in the 1300s'

Well, just in case your wondering, below are a few facts about the origination of THUGS (Can you pretty much guess who some of the other key players are now just based on history?):

Thugs- an organised gang of professional robbers and murderers. Thugs travelled in groups across the Indian sub-continent for six hundred years.

-To take advantage of their victims, the Thugs would join travellers and gain their confidence; this would allow them to surprise and strangle the travellers with a handkerchief or noose. They would then rob and bury their victims. This led to the Thugs being called Phansigar (English: using a noose), a term more commonly used in southern India.

-Membership was sometimes passed from father to son, as part of a criminal underclass. The leadership of established Thug groups tended to be hereditary, as the group evolved into a criminal tribe. Other men would become acquainted with a Thug band and hope to be recruited as Thugs were respected by the criminal community and had a camaraderie of numbers and shared experience. Robbery became less a question of solving problems associated with poverty and more a profession, like being a soldier.

-Sometimes young children of travellers would be spared and groomed to become Thugs themselves, since children would help allay suspicion. A fourth way of becoming a Thug was by training with a guru (similar to an apprenticeship for a guild or profession), during which the candidate could be assessed for reliability, courage, discretion and discipline.

See the article in its’ entirety at the following link…

mstmha: Communism has spread to almost every culture on every level and it seems that there is no way to escape it. Especially in Danville, Virginia where I currently reside. But why do we have to deal with it in the form of a gang member torture program? Why do so many people have to suffer for the like of criminals? It isn’t cool.







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