Torture For Days-Another T. I. Testimony

I was kept awake up until day break this morning. It wasn’the as if I were bothering anyone. The local gang stalkers just feel the need to bother me 24 hours a day with the electromagnetic weapons that they use. There was no way that I would fall asleep easily.

I can only imagine the damage that they have caused to body. The physical evidence is there but internally, I have no idea. There is no right or reason that this total torture is in use or any reason why it is being done to me. Still it hasn’t stopped.

At this moment, I am still being abused by these weapons and I can still hear them screaming from every angle as I sit outside. The ignorance of this program is tormenting.

Last night, as I was watching Hillary Clinton speak at the Democratic Convention, she made reference to the fact that she likes science. As many targets may agree, I am not very fond of science right now. Some things that scientists have created, in my opinion, should have been left alone. A few of them being laser and electromagnetic weapons.

Who wants to live their everyday life being fried to death by children who were trained to criminalize and adults that should know better?

Why would I want to be tortured to death by people that I know longer have a relationship but can hold a mean grudge?

Why are we even dealing with this in America anyway?

If a lawless society was what gang stalkers needed, then why did they not just create a country of their own? What is the deal with disrupting lives that never belonged to them? Even though America does it all the time, we are not property. We are human beings. And what can we do about our government when they make rash decisions about people and it is not every citizen’s fault? Do they think thathey just because we were born here, we have the Bilderberg Group on speed dial? How is it our fault? Electoral votes take precedence over the popular opinion. In most cases, our opinions as Americans is just that. Our opinions.

Why are we forced to deal with torture in a society where this kind of behavior is just not acceptable? Yet, no one does anything about it.

We are in a very filthy, degrading war right here in America and no one does nothing but continue to create an illegal America constitution. Other countries are also suffering but why are they doing this.

Is a demonic, torturous New World Order really a legitimate plan of the elitest? Is this depopulation at its dire worse?

A world where criminals reign until the rest of us are broke and disgusted? Why does the Constitution exist is we cannot use it?

On July 18, 2016, I decided to call 911 because I was so tired and so sore from all of the radiation that they inflicredit on my body.

When I spoke to the operator, it was weird. She heard my story about electromagnetic weapons being used on my body but, either she was trained not get excited during a 911 call and it was all an act or she was really did not know much about it. She even asked if I knew who was doing this to me. I mentioned a man Lou who possibly owns Lou’s Barbershop and Big Mike, who did or does work there. Theyes weren’the the only names that I have as far as possible suspects but that is what I told her at the time due to the voices on the V2K system. That is all that they were prettype much talking about. I don’t know Lou as to my knowledge. I can’t even recall if I ever met him. Big Mike, on the otherhand, had a very brief relationship.

(FYI… Right now they are attacking the hell out of my neck while I am writing this. The torture never ends. I am scared to think about the damage being done to my spine.)

Anyway, she took my information and said that she would have an officer contact me. Sgt. Taylor did but it was not a housecall. He simply called me on the telephone. I further explained to him about my situation but… when he said, “Well, you don’t know who it is.”

But, he was mistaken. It is the assumption of gang stalkers that the victim has no idea who is causing them harm. Some targets may not but many of the T.I.’s that I have spoken know for certain.

I had to counterattack as before, but I only gave a couple of names. And I also reiterated the fact that I had over sixty more even though he never asked.

“Well, you should find a lawyer and press charges!” says the cop but please beaware that I have just written is not verbatim. Still you get the idea.

“And what is this weapon called again so I’ll know?,”asks Officer Taylor. Again this is not verbatim.

It seemed that Officer tailor was having a lot of fun. And just in case I failed to mention this, I believe that Officer Taylor was NOT the same arresting officer that showed up to arrest my father when he and my stepmother had an alTerra tional on New Year’s Eve. It was someone different, yet, he was there at the trial as if he was the arresting officer.

You guessed it…

I think they pulled a switch.

The same kind of switch that my ex-husband used year’s ago when he came from Danville to Georgia to see his children when they were still in my custody and brought along his so-called wife.

Believe me, the first so-called wife was a lot younger than the ACTUAL woman he claimed to haverify married. Why the heck do they go through so much trouble. I am not blind. At least not yet anyway but…if they continue to shoot these lasers in my face and into my body, well, there is no telling what will happen.

More Gang Stalker Quotes While Using V2K…

“Why is there so many people after you,” says a female.

We hide the facts.”

“They want to do it till your gray.”

“Well had to yell!”

“That’she what they do to drive you nuts.”

“They about to pick you up.!”

“Why would they do you on dud.”

“You ain’the hugs.”

“Well were thinking that we were like vestibules.”

“…Nowed who you cuff.”

“He been holding it for eight years.”

“He did give a lot of love to Janae.” (Not sure if the name is spelled correctly.)

“You ain’the getting no luck.”

“We ain’the getting hold.”

“They admit they tape you.”

“They admit it.”

“He hits it in North Carolina.”

“They are all Feds.”

“The sue is back in Danville.”

“You the victim! Nobody’s taping me!”

“…Showing my obsession to you.”

“You gained an onslaught.”

“They Doug’d Janelle.”

“They didn’the know how deep they Joe you.”

“You won’t lose.”

“You were abducted.”

“You’ll  be under abduction.”

“He wanted to totally corrupt you.”

“You were in the accused.”

“Now they know we murdered.”

“You in bad battery.”

“They are trying to figure out how low is your lane.”

“They thought you went in to dunk.”

“We wanted you dead.”

“You got  a total gut.” (This may be referring to how much damage they have done inside my body.)

“You haven’t aged like we hoped.”

“You got too many thugs.”

“Now he really needs to deliver.”

“We need to be on Death Row.”

“He banging blokes.”

“He really said they beat them till they die.”

“You are in danger.”

“He wants to take your whole life away from you.”

“We acting like we not in no vandal.”

“He said nobody’said going to hear you roar.”

“Your the only thing they diss.”

“We are trying to hold on to every prevention.”

“They saw you being chased! (And no one stopped it?)

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




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10 responses to “Torture For Days-Another T. I. Testimony

  • Jacqueline Allen

    We (my mother, sister and myself) are experiencing some of the same things you talk about, only worst. We have even been ambushed by the next door neighbor and three of their friends at night time. We have been hit with every electromagnetic and microwave device imaginable, usually 24/7. They have our house bugged, phones tapped, cell phone as well as land-line and they jam it anytime they feel like it, once even during a 911 call. Of course our street has been taken over by drug dealers and psychopaths and it’s been said twice that my mother has to move out of her home which she has OWNED for 31 years. Most of these people RENT their homes and are on SSI, so they are able to aggravate us at all times. When new people move in they recruit them and make them do stuff to us too, a matter of fact when some of them move in they already know some of these a**holes (I try not to call them animals because an animal does what he has to do in order to survive). They have extracted all information out of 2 tablets and come in the backdoor of our computer when they feel like it and we are followed and aggravated every where we go. I’ve noticed that most of the a**holes are not attractive and some look like the living dead so I guess that is a prerequisite for recruitment. We are now experiencing burn marks or laser burns on our bodies especially our faces, like you do. Really it would take at least 2-3 weeks 24/7 to tell all of the things that have been done to us. We are unique in that we have a relative that is heavily involved in this mess and thinks everything they do to us is funny and always is sure to let us know that she hears all conversation that goes on in this house. We know they are trying to entrap us into retaliating against them, so it’s a struggle everyday, and only by GOD’s power that we have not injured or killed one of them so we could become the next Sandra Blands in the news. By the way, my mother is 81, I am almost 64 and my sister is 58 and we have purchased guns because things are so bad (can you imagine an 81 year old woman purchasing a gun because she is scared). I know what you are going through and this is the first time I have commented on someones T.I. Testimony because it sounds so much like what we are experiencing. May GOD continue to protect you and keep you as sane as possible until the day that he sends someone to rescue us all out of this living hell and all are prosecuted who perpetrates these crimes against us. Jackie

    • mstmha

      Thank you sor much for sharing your story. The more testimonies that I hear, the less alone I feel.

      I am only 39 years old and I just realized recently that most of my life has been bombarded by gang stalking activity.

      And as of 2012, they have tortured me to death with their electromagnetic and laser weapons. In 2012, the local crime syndication even used what someone called physio-surgery on my body to the point that I now also feel as if my body has been murdered.

      You see, an employee of our local hospital illegally implanted me with some type of chip or transmitter in my vagina. A few years later, the local gang stalkers began torturing me with these weapons. I have never felt the same since. I believe the item in question is some sort of GPS transmitter microchip. That is how they can track and locate me wherever I go.

      It seems that these people think that they can do whatever they want to do.

      Scientologists, Klan members, CIA, and so many other groups and organizationrs are involved. Not to fail to mention, Muslims and other religious groups as well. If you have ever read about the Sovereign Citizen movement, that information will give you a good idea ofor how they feel about the legal system. The thing is, who knew that there were so many people who enjoyed going against the grains of legality?
      Thanks again and God Bless.

  • stalkers178

    If you drink coffee then stop. No caffine, drink shasta it helps Go see an hypnoses and tell them what is going on and they might be able to help you. They did me to a point. Better than I was. Wear ear plugs it helps a lot. Burn a candle and think about love joy peace and happiness…

  • Lissa Chris

    I sincerely hope this helps: Its SKYNET run by super quantum computers known as A.I. (artificial intelligence) not the neighbors. They’re mind controlled & we are too to react. Start looking up and around at night. You’ll see the connected UAVs, and passing drones, and of course, sadly, cell-towers. They’re bouncing off other’s cellphones so you’ll think its others. It is not. Youtube search for AI SKYNET

    • mstmha

      Yes, and I have every reason to believe that the company, Noblis, that designed the supercomputer has a lot to do with. The local gang stalkers talk about them a lot as if they couldn’t do what they without them. And as much as they talk about genes here, it makes perfect sense. Noblis has equipment that gives above average DNA analysis. They are online. Check them out. They may also be responsible for the Fusion TV that I have heard them say as well. They have criminals sitting behind the scenes watching us while they use their weapons on us. They make a party out of our torture. Many of them are drug addicts and alcoholics which is probably the reason why we are tortured so violently. There is no telling how long this has been going.

  • Lissa Chris

    PS – You’re never alone. There are thousands of us now, in the US alone. Remember that. Show no fear. The skynet (cloud computing) thrives on our fears. Stand tall. Let the truth set you free.

    • mstmha

      Wow, thank goodness your still with us! I was worried about you. Honestly, your right. The only thing that we have left is the truth but that is all we need outside of God. And I’ll bet you can guess what I would like to do to that cloud! 😉

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