There Is A Thin Line Between Love and Hate-A T.I Testimony

It doesn’t pay to have someone whom you can say is just a lover. But what do you do when that lover is adamant about the fact that he can’t commit?

If you have ever wondered why I am being gang stalked, I am going to tell you based on only the knowledge that I have received since being attacked.

Around the time of my divorce, I met someone at Walmart who, was probably intentionally, pushing a basket of veggies just for the look of it.

He claimed, at the time that we met, that he was on a diet. Honestly, I did give him and his belly the benefit of the doubt even though I was use to men with frames that were entirely different.

As we were talking, he invited me to a Mary J. Blige concert. But, being me, I refused to go. He was a stranger! What if he was a rapist or serial killer! What would anyone else do?

His name was Steven and/or Stephen Lorenzo Cox. And, obviously, now just another criminal in my eyes based on the fact that I am now, without a doubt, a Targeted Individual since I met him.

Later that evening, after I refused the concert, he called me on my cell phone. And, from what it seemed, he was, not surprisingly, in the mood to showcase his repertoire. When we spoke, Steven made it seem as though he was there at the actual Mary J. Blige concert. He could have been.

Now, whether he was there in Greensboro, NC or not, in my opinion, would be investigative. I recall that he held his phone to the so-called stage as if he were really there in order that I could hear it on my end.

How can anyone know that it was or was not just a recording? Was it something else that he used in an attempt to make him look good?

Obviously, we hooked up later and he honestly made me feel like a princess. We spent a lot of time together. He met my family and I will only assume that I met his. We dined, laughed, and danced together throughout most of our relationship. I met two of his children and he met mine. We even traveled to the beach together, etc. etc. But was I?  Did he consider me to be what he projected? Could I have been just another victim? Now, I am certain, I was. And even though he may have had feelings for me at the time, it was just a job.

For most of my life, I was never in a shortage when it came to men. They just kept coming. A total set-up, I know.

I didn’t understand it then but I do understand it now. These people weren’t coming  (literally) for  no reason whatever. Shocking but so true.

I felt that I was being followed most of my life but I did not know why. And to this day, I still don’t.

My stalkers were so diversified.  They came from so many backgrounds. Was I being MK’d? To this day, I don’t know!

Anyway, while I was seeing Steven, he took our original agreement at face value. The agreement that we made when we first met.

What we had was an open relationship meaning that when we were together, we were, no doubt, together. BUT when we were apart, it was OK to see other people . I was surprised that with him being ten years older than myself that he would neglect our safety.

Obviously, he did not care.

To make a long story short, our relationship did not work out at all near the end because he gave me an STD and he had a very  jealous streak.

He told me that he did not want a commitTed relationship and that was fine. Based on what he said to me…

“Everything is fine like it is.”

So how is it my fault that I came about having other male interests? He wasn’t my boyfriend and nor was he my husband.

If an open-relationship was beneficial to him, then how is it my fault that I found comfort in other men that kept me safe?


Yet, I am being tortured by the very man that I had sexual relations with for multiple years but no longer have dealings with. And to add to the drama, possibly all of his baby mama’s (three that I know of) and other close relations are attacking me too! Not to exclude his best friend Greg whom I have only met once and, as it happens, may not have meant for me to meet.

If everything was fine like it was then why am I going through this?

Why do they feel the need to torture the hell out of me when I was no longer Steven’s or his family’s business after our relationship ended?

There is so much more to this story. Stay tuned.

And because the majority of tar gets are women, don’the be surpraised if their targeting is because of who they may have or may have not slept with.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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