Chatham Library Stalk-a-thon Over Head

I am sitting in the library in Chatham, Virginia. The stalkers of the area, still, to this day, refuse to leave me be. They have been attacking my head since I have been here. Beaming their lasers onto the back of my head over and over again. sometimes it burns. I am so annoyed.

Why don’t these people have a life! Why are they so Neanderthal-ed? How is it that they are not suited to normal society, yet, they continuously try pretend that their world was the norm the entire time? They are so beastly. What happened to them?

Yesterday, I could hear one of them talking about how they wanted to disfigure me. No, they haven’t shut up yet. Anyway, how awful is it that they sem to be on some hard-core mission to destroy, not only my life, but my body as well. And many of them never even knew me at all. What I have also gathered is that they seem to enjoy making ‘vegetables’ out of people as they call it. What would happen if every one of their targets’ decided to return the favor? What a mess they have made.

And, sadly too, they don’t disappoint when the intention of the greater bad is at its highest. They will laser you to hell just because they can and to have their way. For example, every night, I go through the same thing consistently.

As soon as I lay down to rest, I can feel them surrounding my body with what they say are ‘projectiles’. It sometimes feels as if they are forcing my entire body into some type of invisible cage. In other times, they may aim at different parts of my body at varying degrees such as my face or my spine. My feet have been tortured as well. Over the years, I have noticed tiny markings beneath my big toe. These markings are tiny lines stacked on top of one another. I now have three of them but I have no idea how they got there.

How did they find all of these people? No really. The families that do this are so totally weird! It’s as if they born angry and they don’t know any other way. I have never seen anyone actually enjoy living the way they do, at least, not until I began getting stalked to death myself.

What I also can’t really comprehend is why they people still creeping  around others as if no one knows who they are or what they do.

How can they not feel as if they haven’t done enough damage? And another thing, why would these strangers want people to believe that I am the only one going through this? Why would they want me to be the only one going through this? Do they really think that this is one big secret?

As for the projectiles, well, I knew that there was a reason that a doctor, quite a few years back, told me that I had a degenerating spine. Sometimes they will point the laser so that it travels up and down my spine while attempting to sleep. These cult members should not be able to get away with something so awful. Perfectly healthy people are now deteriorating fast due to the illegal misuse of weapons that they should not be using anyway.

When is all of this going to end?

1:26 pm They are still lasering the heck out my head.

I guess it won’t until we somehow force it to.






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