June 24, 2016 More T. I. Testimony


I am still alive as you can now see but my life has still been very trying to say the least. It is the hardest thing to continue to walk through life with good intentions while someone or everyone with evil intent tries their damnedest to tear it down around you. It is brutal and unfair that anyone would have the audacity to think that they have the right to treat people in this manner.

But… it is hilarious to see that in their minds, they must be thinking about how ‘grown-up’ they are while I am looking at how grown-up they are not. I swear, I am being surrounded and bullied by the most childish goon squad known to man. At least that is how I feel anyway.

Since last Saturday, I have been staying with my mother for various reasons but it has not been the most comfortable of situations. Every day since I have stayed with her, the stalkers have amp-ed up their abuse of my body.

It is still hard for me to believe that people actually live in such redundant, horrible circumstances… but… it is so real and so scandalous that anyone should have to ever endure it. If I weren’t going through it myself, even I would find it hard to believe!

Anyway, last night, I created a new log in order to lend demonstration to what has yet to end. I did not write down every detail of the night but I feel that I have transcribed enough to give you a good idea of my daily and nightly life while being targeted.

June 24th, 2016 (Friday morning)

12:23 am While trying to sleep, I had already been hit twice in the face with their laser weapon(s). It is irritating that since they began using these weapons on me since 2012, I have rarely been able to get a full night’s sleep. Usually I get so tired while being attacked that I eventually fall asleep from exhaustion more than anything. And when I wake up, they are still doing the same thing. They are OCD to say the least.

Also, around this time, I could hear what sounded like a white man screaming something about ‘jail’ to me as if he was out of his freaking mind. He sounded like a total lunatic on a mission. Then there was what sounded like a very cocky African-American male that also would never shut up. Why are they so determined for me to be their personal entertainment? Why are they such losers?

I promise you that I would have found something better to do than to stalk people I never knew in order to torture them 24 hours a day. Believe me that what I describing is an everyday occurrence and they put their entire lives into it.

*Names that were mentioned by the goon squad: Chelsea, Woodall, Sam, and Jay (It is obvious to me that I may have nothing to do with these people (because I have no friends) but they have made it seem that these people are a part of their network.)

What sounded like a Caucasian male said, “We been thinking about putting you in jail.” (Talk about the classic set-up. Who the hell do they think they are?  And what or who is stopping them from going to jail themselves I wonder. I guess the local Confederate Flag hanging has gone to someone’s head.)

An African American woman says, “It’s too deep.”

12:29 am My body is being surrounded by their projectile.

12:32 am Projectiled under my back. It changes when I change my body’s position.

12:33 am Projectiled again.

12:34 am Projectiled again.

12:43 am I can feel a projectile beneath my head. I could tell that they were aiming for my face.

12:59 am  I can see the laser lights flashing around my eyes even while closed. Even if I move from my position, they follow me with the gun as I move around.

1:02 am Projectiled again

An African-American sounding male says, “I gotta beat the fuck outta you.” (For what, I wonder? I doubt that I even know him. Why aren’t these people being mentally evaluated?)

1:03 am Projectiled again

1:06 am Projectiled again

A relative wakes up in the early morning as I was still trying to sleep and says, “You ain’t needin’ Jay.” (Who the hell is that? There are so many of these bastards swarming around who have no morality in regard to women. It is ridiculous. Are we still in America?)

What sounded like another woman says, “They only needing new on tape.” (Huh? What does this suggest? Does it mean that there is a possibility that the media can actually obtain evidence and identify the many gang banger’s initiating all of these obstructive abuses?)

“They wasn’t trying to leave you with children,” someone else says. (If they are talking about my children, how were we any of their business to begin with? What the hell did my giving birth have to do with them?)

5:37 am Projectiled on my back.

(*By the way, I am in a different library than the last today and they are still bothering me with their weapon attack. This gets dumber and dumber by the minute. Jeez. And quite a few people here seem to enjoy the trash can near the front counter. It only reminded me of how often they use to do the ‘trash can trick’ at Schewels Furniture and in other places. I have no idea what the significance of throwing something in the trash can could mean. In my opinion, it is just another childish game that they play. They have also used children. It can’t get any more pitiful than this.)

5:42 Lasered once again.

5:48 Lasered.

9:06 am Projectiled.

“We do it shotgun,” a female says. (I believe that this means that they are tag teaming my body. They don’t own me. I wish that they would leave me the hell alone.)

“They didn’t know how deep you in danger,” another female says.

“We can’t figure why you youth.” (I guess that they haven’t fried me enough to get the results that they want.)

“We know it ain’t nothing bigger.” Another female, of course. (They seem to love to show off even more than the men.)

“You living the real reality,” another stalker says.

“They know they want to beat the fuck outta you.” (This was a voice, while in the library, that sounded like a child on their voice system that has to be located somewhere in the city.)

“Nobody’s making you new stub.” (Are they talking about a pay stub I wonder. Mighty funny that they keep me away from making money and then whine about not being able to steal my ‘pay stub’ after the fact because there isn’t one.)

“They know who needs new stub.” (Who? My con-artist ex-husband? Is there someone else.)

12:47 pm I have experienced multiple magnetic pulls while in the library almost every time someone passes by this time.

12:50 pm An African-American man walks in the front door of the library and when he passes, my body feels the magnetic pull once again.

12:52 pm Needled on the right of my forehead.

And I am sure that the attacks are not over.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

If we can wake up in the morning, we are blessed indeed!









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