Gang Stalker Scalpel Attacks and More- A T. I. Testimony

As soon as I woke up this morning, I could feel the projectile beneath my body. It seems that these people have no self control. I am beginning to think that these people don’t sleep at all. What kind of drugs are these people taking?

And now that I think about, I read an article or watched a video a few years back about transhumanism. A transhumanist woman named Vita-Moore was said to be working on a way for humans to never need sleep again amongst other things. Even sexual contact without any human contact was also another project of hers. They have already figured out how, I promise you.

What I wonder is whether these gang stalkers are the test subjects for the ‘never need to sleep’ theory. Sometimes I feel as if it is the same people screaming at me every minute of the day and they definitely do this 24 hours a day! It would definitely be worth finding out I think.


Since I woke up this morning from the sleep that I do find necessary, I have been attacked non-stop.

7:56 am Projectiled

7:59 am Projectiled

8:04 am Projectiled

9:01 am Projectiled

9:03 am Projectiled

9:07 am Projectiled

9:11 am Projectiled

9:14 am Projectiled (twice)

9:17 am Stabbed on my head

9:18 am Projectiled

“They see how we tasey.”

9:28 am Stabbed again.

9:50 am It feels like someone is doing a surgical procedure in my throat. I can feel the an object that resembles a scalpel near the back of it.

( I am not joking. They seem to get their kicks off by using my body. I now have a lump in my throat near my left jawline that they seem to enjoy playing with. Sometimes I can feel someone’s finger pushing on it as if they are trying to let me know it’s there. These weapons are sickening and so are the people using them. Why did someone give these criminals some type of model of my body anyway. I am not a video game!)

10:23 am Stabbed on the head again.

“Now they know we got a lot of props,” a male voice says.

10:28 am Radiated

10:32 am Another projectile to my head.

10:34 am Projectiled

10:40 am Projectiled

10:41am It felt as of they were trying to put another incision in my throat.

10:47 am Projectiled

10:48 am Stabbed on the top of my head.

11:41 am Needled on my head

“They wanted to see you slow,” says a another male voice.

*Some of the times of abuse are not shown.

4:23 am Stabbed on my head.

They also attempted to scalpel my throat again.

“Yes, we do,” says someone that sounded like a male child. ( Yes, they have their children involved in this sick program too.)

5:28 am Projectiled

Other quotes or comments:

“They’re British.”

Two names mentioned: Maxine and Lou; Honestly, the only Maxine I knew was, if I am not mistaken, a customer at Schewels Furniture and a member of the Army Reserve. We weren’t even that close. Seriously, I barely know anything about her but, of course, some gang stalkers are members of the military. Now, as to someone named Lou. Lou’s Barbershop in Danville, Va. was the only thing that I knew about him if it is the same one.

I am not sure who they are speaking of but this particular Lou that I know little about was Big Mike’s employer. I don’t even think that I have ever met him. If I have, I do not recall. I don’t even know what he looks like. Why would he have reason to attack me? Why would either of them?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.











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