Another Day, Another Torture, The Same War

It is getting harder everyday as a Targeted Individual. They have no qualms about how they harass and murder their victims and nor do they have a sense of time.

Many T. I.’s, like myself, have been targeted for many years. Some have been targeted for almost their entire lives. But why? Why is it so important to these people to hound others as if they are toys meant to throw around and break at will?

Even my Barbie dolls that I use to play with in my youth had better treatment.

For the past two nights, the local gang stalkers have started, once again, on my facial area. The lasers are a constant. They flash brightly and burn my skin in an ongoing torture program. These people have hardly almost never, willingly, allowed me to sleep.

I still can’t believe that I have dealt with this since the year 2012!

Sometimes these stalkers point the weapon so close to my face that I can see inside the barrel. Yeah, they get that close but how I can actually see it is beyond me. The inside of the gun contains rotating lights. It is really weird. Can someone explain to me how I can actually view the gun that is aimed tackily at me from somewhere else in the city?

Are they breaking through the world’s electromagnetic field with their satellite, electromagnetic weapon usage. Are some of the weapons designed that way? I will admit that when I start to see them, it is almost holographic.

Anyway, I am so very tired of having to suffer through all of this demonic activity. And I am especially tired of seeing the demonism within our very own people. Our governments should not be so foul but then again, this is what happens when we let the wrong people on the inside.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



The local stalkers have bothered me more through the day with their weapon usage than they have in a while. The below does not include tortures from earlier today. Even though I have been radiated for most of the day. Below is tonight’s ongoing torture that is just getting started… I’m sure.:

10:00 pm Needled on the forehead

10:01 pm Needled on the back of my head

10:12 pm Magnetic pull

10:14 Magnetic pull

When is all of this going to end?



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