More Gang Stalker Quotes- A T. I. Testimony

The following are more gang stalker quotes that was said while my torture was in progress. Keep in mind that each quote was not said by the the same person.

“We takin’ ya’lls identities and shit!”

“They ain’t need to die.”

“They saw ya’lls shol ain’t look dead.”

“I am now-ed in a DUI.”

“They were evicted.”

“In our world your a nigger.”

“They want to make sure there ain’t no zoom to you.”

“Thank God they wish you would die.”

“We weeded out everything you do.”

“I wish I ain’t got my formality.”

“They just want to kill you.”

“Oops.” (They say this a lot as if what they do to people is actually a mistake. We know better.)

“He was putting you in ‘eew’.”

“They made me in beating you up.”

“You know why it’s being used.”

“He hounding your son.” ( I am assuming that they are referring to a man called Big Mike according to the context. Someone whom I had a very brief sexual relationship with. He is, from what I have found, an accessory to what is happening in my life as a Targeted Individual. He is definitely one of my biggest haters. I don’ t understand why they just didn’t leave my and I children alone.)

Names mentioned today: Chauncey, Mike

How can these people stand themselves?








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