New Gang Stalker (Klavern/Klavert) Quotes- A T.I. Testimony


(Picture copied from the following link…

After many wasted sleep attempts due to constant laser strikes to my face, I got up and began on this entry.

Below, I have listed the latest quotes screamed by the local gang stalkers (Klavern/Klaverts) in Danville, Virginia for the past few days.

“You should be an invalid.”

“They waiting on you too fade away.”

“He wanted everybody to follow you around.” (Who is he I wonder.)

“It’s indeed I assault you.”

“Dough gon let it fade.”

“They got to make you die.”

“They need you in jail.”

“We didn’t know how you burned.”

“They know what I did.”

“He’s a bum.” (Who? You mean the one using the laser on my face every night? You mean the one that screams at the top of his lungs as if I’m deaf? Yeah, they are still using V2K to keep me distressed all day and night.)

“You got it bust.”

“You already have enough injury.”

“Ya’ll ain’t no mutts.” ( You got it. These people are COUNTRY!)

“It is a coon.”

“Now they b!&ch can’t handle it.”

“We want you under our control.”

“We won’t get abide.”

“So now we just leave you.” (Do they mean that they actually want to do something that would bring me happiness? Doubt it. I haven’t seen that change and this weapon abuse has been going on since 2012.)

“Ya’ll ain’t got total control.”

“We needing assaults…” a male says. “…For our game.” a female continues.

“We know ain’t nobody gon’ believe you.” (Are they sure?)

After the last comments tonight, I hear them say the name Jim. The only Jim that I knew was my manager at E-Toys Direct which was eventually changed to the Parent Company. It was a toy distribution center that became popular through their FAO Swartz products and their My Twinn. I was a Transportation Assistant. This was the job where I helped start the Transportation Department from scratch. This was also the job where I was hired to train my own supervisor years before Jim arrived. I noticed that when he did get hired on as manager of our department, he began pushing me out of my position. Instead of just laying me off like normal people do, I was work mobbed off the job under his leadership and other managers too. Somehow, I knew deep down that he was a racist and confronted him about it. Mediation between he, myself, and human resources only made it worse. Not very fishy to a Black woman working in an all Cacausion office. Especially during the off season.

There is more to the story but I will focus on that another time. Anyway, I attempted to walk off the job twice. The second time I actually succeeded. The Human Resources manager stopped me from leaving the first time. I guess Jim thought I hadn’t suffered enough.

After leaving the job that I had been on for over three years, strange things began to happen. I was even tailgated at high speed with my child in car while driving down Hwy 29. It was obvious that someone was on a revenge streak for their fellow bretherens. They went crazy.

Yes, this place called Danville, Virginia is Klan-ed out and I am stuck. It is no wonder that the torture that I go through is non-stop. My torture is always worse here.

Now as the rest of the story above goes as to tonight’s shanigans after Jim’s name was mentioned… The gang stalkers made the following comments…

“They are so happy…”, “…They ain’t getting ready to blow up.”

” Your in immediate danger.”

“They wanta fee you. They don’t want to please you.” (And this girl had a very serious country drawl.)

Another name that they mentioned tonight was the name Jan. The only person with the name Jan that I know was my ex landlord. The same landlord who wouldn’t come to my rental home and check the newly installed tub and shower out that nearly burned me to death. I even sent her husband a picture of the grid-like weapon but they did nothing. He said that it might be the sun shining through the window behind the tub. No reflection from the sun looks like or feels like what I experienced. There is a sample picture in the Iink below.

You can read about it at the following link…

Something Like A Grid…In My Bathtub?

These people never stop!


Thanks for listening…God Bless.






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