Library Targeting- A T. I. Testimony

Just in case you are not familiar with the word ‘Projectile’. It is a word that gang stalkers use for a weapon that surround their victims’ bodies. It is a type of weapon that resembles some type of a CAD scope that you can actually feel. It could possibly be some type of gun that they are aiming. Think GPS weapons used by the police.

What I know for sure is that sometimes when they surround my body with it, they move it around and under my body, over and over again because they know that I can feel the movement. Something like a boat rocking in an ocean while your standing on top deck. It can make you feel like you want to vomit.

Related image

4:31 pm What felt like a projectile on my back while at the library

4:33 pm Projectiled

4:35 pm Projectiled

4:38 pm What felt like radiation to my neck

4:42 pm Stabbed on the left side of my head

4:44 pm Projectiled

4:50 pm Projectiled

4:52 pm Projectiled

4:53 pm I felt something the like a stab on the left side of my head then projectiled all over again

4:54 pm Projectiled

4:56 pm Projectiled

4:57 pm Projectiled

“All she needed was you,” a male voice says.

5:00 pm Projectiled

5:04 pm Projectiled

5:11 pm Projectiled

5:12 pm Projectiled

5:14 pm Projectiled

*And as you know, the story is not going to end there.

I can still hear them as they aim their retardism my way. They reiterate everything that they see on the computer screen or whatever is in my head. They constantly make it their business to walk past me or come close enough to me in order to attack. This is the gang stalking ‘wire’ system. It is a way to quietly torture their victims without physically touching them. But imagine if they did? Imagine all of the altercations that should have already happened. Talk about “Stranger Danger”.

Can anyone really fault Myron May or Aaron Alexis for just getting too tired to deal? Especially when you seek help and no one responds? As I have always ¬†mentioned, if they wanted to create a true to life version of the movie “Purge” then maybe they should have informed everyone.

Gang stalkers truly walk around thinking that no one, at any given time, can’t just bust them in their face. It is unbelievable. Yes, they get that close to their victims. I hate it when they walk past me. I hate it that they sit by me. I hate that they have involved my family in their planning. I absolutely appall gang stalkers. It is RIDICULOUS! Who, in their right mind holds a grudge for any amount of YEARS?!

It is 5:16 pm… “Doug know you got a lot of T.I. testimony,” said a male voice.

What I am still trying to figure out is WHO IS DOUG?!

The only name that I can remember that comes anything close to name Doug is a guy that I knew back in my Atlanta days years ago. He lived in Marietta. His last name was DOUGlas. Maxwell Douglas. Would he have anything to do with what I am experiencing as a Targeted Individual I wonder.

Who is this mystery person that is causing me to endure so much trauma?

5:18 pm Projectiled

5:20 pm Projectiled

5:21 pm Projectiled

5:24 pm What felt like radiation

“…said you had a great die,” said a ghetto female because all they do is sit on their lazy behinds all day long, in some obscure location in this city and run their mouths off a me.I cannot go anywhere.

See what I mean?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




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