More Results of Constant Electromagnetic Weapon Assault

Below are more results of how my skin has gradually changed while enduring the constant assault of electromagnetic/radiation weapons.

For someone who once had perfect skin, I am sure you will agree that the change would be considerable. Yet, my attackers are still thinking of, yet, more ways to use these types of weapons on my person in Danville, Virginia. I know. It is a pitiful thing.

Last night while I was attempting to fall asleep, I was again radiated. It just so happened that I looked up as it happened and saw a black geometrical shape move across the ceiling like a shadow above me then disappeared. I can only assume that it was another projectile that they have invented to aide their abuse. I guess they thought I wouldn’t see it.

Needless to say, the radiation burned like hell.

In the below pictures, you will find that I have developed fine bumps, like a rash, all over my face. You will also see the bruising and discoloration of my skin. I absolutely hate it but how can I stop them from doing it?

A woman’s skin is her pride and joy.




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