“You about to be untalented.”


“You about to be untalented,” a man screams as I was puffing on a cigarette outside this morning.

What does it mean? Are they attempting to downgrade my life even more than they have? Another defamation scam where they make people believe that I am talentless? That I am not worth hiring? Blacklisting beyond what they have already done?

If so, why are they so evil to the point of destroying the life of a person that many of them never knew? How is it that they feel that what they have already done was not enough?

Literally, they have dragged my and my family’s life straight to hell but, somehow, they haven’t done enough. This is, by far, the most ridiculous project that I have ever seen. One minute you are on hiatus, independent, self-sufficient with no worry about employment or monotery issues. The next, you can’t find proper employment resulting in a pile of bills that cannot be paid, your body is being torn apart, and your family life has become dysfunctional beyond compare. And that isn’t enough?

Why do they over do everything? Too much of everything. Why won’t they just sit their asses down and leave people the hell alone?

Does it upset them that they can now be identified? Is that our fault?

Is it also our fault that they brag about their plans and, as a result, we report it? Since when is reporting the truth ‘talentless’. What makes them so talented when they give so much away.

I refuse to step down to their level.

Things that they have done to me personally:

1. Psychotropic weapons/V2K (Still wondering how I know so much about they are doing to me?)

2. Electromagnetic weapons usage (lasers, projectiles, magnetic pulling, stabbing, needling, scapeling, heat grid torture, and so much more.)

3. Kidnapping ( They stole my children through the legal system with a lot of bogus filings. And even after emergencies, they still refuse to send one of them home. As if they were the ones that had labor pains.)

4. Blacklisting (They have prevented me from obtaining jobs that I would normally be qualified for and have kept me on a very low-grade payscale no matter my experience. Now I will be lucky to find anything.)

5. Robbery ( They have stolen personal items, my financial information, money from personal accounts, my identity, and so much more.)

6. Homelessness ( They have pushed me out of one home after another another, including my own family members and have prevented me from obtaining money to afford my own.)

7. Dafamation of Character ( I have pretty much been everything that I am not.)

8. Stalked/ Harrassed ( I cannot go anywhere. They follow me everywhere I go and the V2K guarantees that I am always being butchered by their mouths.)

9. Setup and framed (I have never had so much legal trouble in my entire life (sovereign citizen style). They conspire to almost everything.)

And the list goes on and on…

You can also read my long list of past abuses at the following link (I will update it soon)…


The government has every technology that can prove that these things that we speak of are really happening but they refuse to make what is already obvious, evidential. Is making the world a total concentration camp that important?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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