Scream the 8th!- A T. I. Testimony


“We have so many T. I.’s!” a female screams at 5:44 am this morning.

I decided to write this entry this morning because I received, yet, another laser sting to my face at 5:29 am. When I began feeling that projectile beneath my body, I knew that they were locking their aim. They did not disappoint. It seems that the local goon squad is ‘addicted’ to cruelty. They just can’t stop their tortures amongst others no matter what the law may provide. Obviously they still refuse to leave me alone.

I truly believe that their anger stems from rejection. If your not a member of their society, they consider others to be nothing. The problem is you, not them. At least, that may be what their brains are telling them. Why should anyone who has lived in freedom all of their lives have to worry about something so petty?

And to add more examples to the saga, a man was also in the background talking about how he intentionally aides in building the debt of others. Talk about ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.


America’s protection against ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.



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