Another Laser Show- A T. I. Testimony


Last night while attempting to fall asleep at my mother’s home, I was pretty much lasered to death by the so-called Klaverts and/or Klaverts (thugs) that are trying to, not only, over run the Danville, Va. area, but my life as well.

I made every attempt to fall asleep as quickly as I could but they, obviously, had other plans. They hatefully did a laser show on my body. Even with my eyes closed, I could see the constant lights flashing around my face. No matter which angle I turned on the blow-out mattress, I could not escape the pain of the lasers that tormented me. I do not know who or what these people think they are but they are making a huge show of abusing me physically and mentally. The laser show last night felt as if it lasts forever.

“They know you like a time bomb,” a man said just now. If they know that then why am I still being tortured by these people?

“We did get more people,” a female said tonight. It sounds like it too.

This morning when I awoke, they started to say things about ‘incineration’.

It was more to the point of, “They were trying to incinerate you.’

Now why in the hell would someone want to do something as stupid as that when people already know about my Targeted Individual status. It seems to me that someone is ready to go to prison because wouldn’t that something like “cruel and unusual punishment’ that America’s 8th Amendment protects us from? Why isn’t anyone granting their wish? And why are we not being protected?


At the moment, I can still hear them yapping off about being ‘decked’ as well as other lingo in which I fail to understand. Their vocabulary has, yet, to change. It has been the same scenario for many years now. Non-stop stupidity but at least somebody is having fun.

Tonight’s Report…

As I was trying again to fall asleep, more laser action near my face. They managed to laser me twice before I got up in order to write this. I am also experiencing more projectiles to my person as well. I am wondering if it is the same as the GPS projectile equipment that police officers use. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. The police force and the fire department are questionable entities here in the local area. In other words, they stopped caring about serving and protecting innocent people. Here, it seems as if they applauded you if you’re a crook.


More torture logging…

11:11 pm Magnetic pull

11:12 pm Magnetic pull

11:19 pm Magnetic pull and a stab to the left side of my head

11:20 pm “You knew who they installed, ” a female says.

11:21 pm Magnetic pull

11:23 pm Magnetic pull to my head

11:24 pm Magnetic pull

11:30 pm Stabbed on the right side of the head

In my opinion, Danville, Va. should never have received a supercomputer brought to us by a government contracted company called Nobles that was and may possibly be still located on Bridge Street. It seems that after it’s installation, my life, the city, and it’s occupants have all changed a dramatically.

T. I.’s…Scream the 8th!

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment.

Some of the first things that we learned while attending American schools was the National Anthem and the Constitution. When did so many Americans miss the memo?




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