The DMV-A T.I. Testimony


Being a T.I. has been a very nauseating experience. There is nothing that these people won’t do!

Yesterday, I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I dreaded it because I was sure that the local gang stalkers would do something to tick me off. I wasn’t wrong once again.

I had yet another electromagnetic weapon experience with the first customer service representative that I had approached. One moment everything was fine and then the next, it wasn’t.

When the beam hit me in my facial area my entire head began to shake uncontrollably as if I had, had some type of nervous system reaction. This was not the first time that the local goon squad has done this.

This type of attack has happened before and it usually is something that is done while I am talking directly to someone. That’s how evil these people are. I assume that they think they know their target well enough that they can trust that the T. I. won’t harm them. Bad idea.

Sadly, these types of weapon usage are not things that we can control.  A very hateful, holocaustic tactic indeed.

As the second representative was helping me, she called someone over to her desk for assistance with something on her computer screen. As soon as the woman arrived, I could feel the radiation effects once again. This time it did not attack my nervous system but it did cause quite a burn to my skin. It makes me believe that almost everyone is wired up to this system locally. Do they not know the health effects of electromagnetic weapons or do they just not care? How many people have to develop cancer before it is all over? How much electricity can one human body take? This is ridiculous.

(4:55 pm They have once again attacked my nervous system while I continue to write this entry.

4:56 pm I feel a stab on the right side of my head.)

This situation is depressing to even think about. They haven’t stopped watching me and I can still hear them through the technology that is still in use. Heck, my ex-husband is still trying to feign his innocence in the matter of our child whom he dutifully abuses. So, in other words, to make a long story short… there is nothing really new to report. 

(I have learned a lot about myself since my targeting began and one of the things that I have learned is… Women and child-beaters absolutely disgust me.)

Anyway, thanks so much for listening and God bless.


More attacks today…

5:09 pm 2 magnetic pulls to my head back to back

“We now needing more attacks,” says a male, possibly, Black voice in the distance. He sounds as if he belongs in a mental institution. Why am I being surrounded by so many criminals? And why do they think that my body is their personal playground?

5:11 pm They are getting more violent now. Another magnetic pull to my body that was worse than the last two.

5:16 pm Magnetic pull


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