Another Day, Another Attack

Our worlds are turning upside down as the evil doers of organized crime take precedence over what is good and moral.

My life as of today has not changed since my targeting as a Targeted Individual began. I am still being subjected to the horrendous abuses of AI that most victims have become so familiar with.

Below, I have logged the past two days of my targeting abuse. Even though there are quite a few attacks that I have not mentioned, you will still get a good idea of how horrible gang stalking really is.

The gang stalkers here in Danville, Va. are always busy making my life miserable. I don’t know exactly where they headquarter here as they sit around in groups and attack me but what I do know is that these people are severely mental. I wish to God that I never knew anything about Klaverns and Klaverts. They are awful excuses for human beings. But, honestly, I think, that my biggest wish of all would be that they never knew me because they are so clingy. Once they get attached to their target, the victims’ life goes downhill from there. I am a living example of that.

Anyway… (Below are my logs for May 21st and May 22nd. Rememember, ‘everything’ that these goons have done to me has not been listed, I recorded what I could.)

Insert that happened just now while writing this entry.

1:01pm today…”We know it ain’t gone gleam you,” a woman says. ( They never, ever shut up. They want me to know everything that they have done, are doing, and will do. And they do it in a way that screams…”I can get away with anything.” Serious psychopaths.)

1:42 pm today “We putting you in dump (or dumb… not sure which),” says a male voice. Why can’t they just shut up and leave me alone? Why did they wait until I was a grown woman before starting all of this tacky crap?


May 21st, 2016

3:01pm Magnetic pull to my head ( I had received several by this time.)

4:25pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:34 pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:35 pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:38 pm Magnetic pull to my head

5:47 pm Stabbed on the right aide of my head

6:13pm Stabbed again

6:32 pm Needled at the top of my head

6:41 pm Needled again

6:45 pm Needled again

7:00 pm Needled again

7:03 pm Needled again

7:09 pm Magnetic pull

7:13 pm Needled on the top of head

7:46 pm Magnetic pull

8:56 pm Magnetic pull

8:59 pm Magnetic pull

9:05 pm Magnetic pull

9:30 pm Magnetic pull

9:32 pm Needled on the top of my head

9:33 pm Magnetic pull

9:42 pm Magnetic pull

9:47 pm Magnetic pull

9:57 pm Magnetic pull

10:02 pm Magnetic pull

10:07 pm  Magnetic pull

10:33 pm Magnetic pull


May 22nd, 2016

10:38 am Magnetic pull (twice)

10:41 am Magnetic pull

10:41 am Needled on the top of my head

10:50 am Magnetic pull

1:34 pm Magnetic pull

3:43 pm Magnetic pull

4:06 pm Magnetic pull

4:15 pm Magnetic pull

4:17 pm Magnetic pull

Needled on the top of my head (forgot to write down the exact time for this one.)

8:30 pm Magnetic pull

8:43 pm Magnetic pull

8:57 pm Magnetic pull

9:04 pm Magnetic pull

9:54 pm Magnetic pull

9:56 pm Magnetic pull

9:57 pm Magnetic pull

Magnetic pull ( forgot to write this time down as well)

10:11 pm Magnetic pull

10:14 pm Magnetic pull

10:16 pm Magnetic pull

11:23 pm Magnetic pull (This was also the time when a family member came downstairs. They also use people to wire up to my body through their A.I. system. When this happens, I get more magnetic pulls and radiation to my body once they pass. A perfect example of why they inserted a microchip and/or transmitter in my vagina without my permission. It seems to make their aim easier. Now it may cost me a small fortune to have it removed even though I think that it should be removed for free. It is illegal and somebody needs to be sued.)

11:23 pm Stabbed on the right side of the head.

11:31 pm Magnetic pull

11:32 pm Magnetic pull

11:34 pm Magnetic pull

11:40 pm Magnetic pull

11:55 pm Magnetic pull

11:59 pm Projectile around my body

And so far, none of the abuses has ended. After waking up this morning, at 8:05, they shot a laser beam directly to my facial area. They seem to love targeting this area. I am sure they understand how awful the affects can be. My skin is a wreck because of it.

This doesn’t feel like human experimentation to me. My days feel more like Hitler’s Holocaust but 100 times worse simply because they have more toys to play with. They are dragging us all into an untimely Hell.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.











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