A New Day of Targeting- A T. I. Testimony


My Day dealing with electromagnetic weapons and gang stalkers…

True Story

( Just in case you don’t know what a ‘magnetic pull’ is… It feels as if something is grabbing you and tugging at your body. Think about if someone took their hand and grabbed you by the head with their fingers head and yanked it. That is what it can feel like. The only difference is that what gang stalkers use is technological. Real Stuff.)

4:48 pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:57 pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:58 pm Magnetic pull to my head

5:54 pm Magnetic pull to my head

6:42 pm Magnetic pull to my head

6:48 pm Magnetic pull to my head

6:54 pm Magnetic pull to my head

6:57 pm Magnetic pull to my head

7:00 pm Magnetic pull to my head

7:06 pm Magnetic pull to my head

7:27 pm Magnetic pull to my head

7:28 pm Magnetic pull to my head, needled on the left side of my head

7:29 pm Magnetic pull

7:31 pm Magnetic pull

7:40 pm Magnetic pull

7:41 pm Magnetic pull

7:48 pm Magnetic pull

Around this time, what sounded like a young female says,

“We got paid.” (Can I assume that someone paid these cult members to attack my head so violently today? And if so, who paid them and how much?)

Also, earlier, someone that I met in Ga. called me out of nowhere. It wouldn’t have been strange in normal circumstances but, as a T. I., you have question the motives of everyone that you meet and and everything that may happen.

The call was very unexpected. Especially knowing that we never had a really deep relationship.

He was someone with quite the public popularity back in his day. That is all that I will say about that.

Anyway, during the conversation, he mentioned that he wants to see me. Shocking to say the least but that was not my real issue.

Why is it that I feel an ulterior motive in action?

To answer my own question…

Because it usually is. They never invite you in their lives without being up to something totally evil. It just wouldn’t be them if they didn’t.

I hate being a T. I. simply because you cannot trust anyone and you already know why. I want to go back to my old life where you can remain blissfully naive to what is going on around you. Now, as a targeted individual, they do so much to a person to their faces that you come to the realization that nothing that they do is an accident. You might as well expect the worse. It is awful.

So, as you might have guessed, I usually don’t have anything to look forward to because they are always planning something. How depressing is that?

Not long after this particular phone call had ended, one of the female members of the goon squad said through their V2K tech…

“It ain’t ok he ain’t Kelly.” ( How retarded does that sound? And who in the hell is this Kelly? Was she talking about the man that I was talking to? And if so, what the hell does she have to do with anything that has to do with who I associate with? Is she that much of a hater, whereas, every penis has to have her ‘hall pass’? Jeez. Or maybe they already know one another and it is another local setup. Anything is possible in this crowd.)

It is not the first time that I have heard this name. While I was being work mobbed at Schewels Furniture, there was a Kelly that made frequent visits. I wonder if she is one and the same. I also know of about two others with that name who were local at that time. One was a cheerleader on my cheerleading squad in high school. The other I did not know at all.

Who knows. Whoever this Kelly is….I wish she would leave me alone. And even though I can not pinpoint her exact identity right now, I do feel assured that whoever she is, it has something to do with a Klavern or Klavert. They have made their den here. They talk all day long and torture the same.

All I wanted was to live happily with my children, instead, I am trapped by a lot of prostitutes, pimps, alcoholics, and drug addicts with nothing better to do but ruin my life. Their main topics of conversation are money and beaus. Their main ambition seems to be in becoming celebrities and tampering with our lives. That is about it.

Weapon abuse continued…

8:16 pm Magnetic pull to my head

9:54 pm Magnetic pull to my head

9:56 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:12 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:23 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:28 pm Needled on my head at my frontal hairline

10:35 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:46 pm Needled again

10:52 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:55 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:57 pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:59 pm Magnetic pull to my head

11:27 pm Needled on the top of my head and a magnetic pull as well.

11:46 pm Magnetic pull on my head

“That was gut,” a very manly sounding female says during the 11:46 pm attack.

Even after all of this, I am almost positive that they are not done with their attacks. It gets really awful at night on a daily basis as many of you already know.

I will try to keep you guys updated as much as I can.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Adding 5-18-16 8:56pm (continued from the above entry)

1:43 am A laser beam was shot at my face. The light coming from the beam was very bright and the hit hurt like hell.

1:59 am They shot a particle beam straight through the back of my throat to the front of it. It burned.

2:59 am By this time, there were more magnetic pulls.

3:08 am Layered again but, eventually, I fell asleep.








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