Gang Stalking-The Saga Continues- A T.I. Testimony

The local gang stalkers are still consuming my life as if they own it. I still feel like whoever runs this thing is using victims for some type of cheap reality show that hardly anyone is benefiting from.

I am currently locked out of one of my emails and as many times as I have tried to change the password to get back in, it won’t let me. I just pray that if they have tampered in it any kind of way, it is not being used in order to fraud my identity. They are not strangers to it and they have stolen my identity so much that it would be hard to be me comfortably. They do it all.

As I am writing this, I can hear them still. They just don’t shut. It sounds as if they are all piled into a room together. It has been one whiny gang stalker after another and it has been hard to keep my peace.

It is difficult to fathom that these beady eyed bastards are sitting around somewhere awaiting my suicide. As if that is going to happen. On several occasions, I have even gotten to the point of telling them to do it themselves or, if they really wanted me dead so badly, why don’t they just go ahead and do it themselves? It isn’t as if they never had the opportunity. Besides, I am already half-dead anyway. They have operated on my body so much that it doesn’t feel as if it belongs to me anymore. I don’t know what it is made of anymore and none of the doctors that I have seen in the past pretended as if there was nothing wrong when I know better.

The top of my head was lasered on the inside a few years back. Sometimes I feel as if I am walking around with a plastic skull. It is the strangest feeling in the world and was nowhere near anything that I would volunteer for. I am still almost always being lasered or stabbed in one way, shape, or form. How dead are we suppose to be?

Yesterday, these horrible people surrounding me began going on and on about the word ‘baphomet’. I watched a video years ago that disclosed that it had a lot to do with the entertainment industry. And it also has a lot to do with worshipping the devil. The shocker for me was that it also disclosed that those that pledged the baphomet had to also become gay in order to reach a certain monetary goal in the entertainment industry. I do not know how true this is because, even though I have met my share of famous people, I have never been asked or voluntarily took that vow.

Check out the video on my site at the following link…

As a matter of fact, it was many years later that I found out that the ‘baphomet’ even existed. Who knew?

Anyway, as I was saying, the community boonies began screaming the word ‘baphomet’ from wherever the heck they were located in the city. I can only assume that these people have, indeed, already done it. Why anyone would deny God is beyond me but as it happened, it began to storm outside and it was sounding pretty awful. The worst one yet. Honestly, the first thing that came out of my mouth after stepping outside was, “See what ya’ll did.”

Somehow, the timing of the storm seemed staged. One moment they are screaming their devildom and then the next was filled with the wrath of God. At least that was how I saw it even though storms happen all the time. Either way, we must learn to humble ourselves because we never know how or when our Almighty may make his presence known.

After going back inside the house, I decided to open the Bible. “God what is that you want me to know.” It was random but when I read the text, I was thrown because the chapter was so fitting to what was happening at that moment. The screams, the storm, etc. was followed by a lesson. That lesson was in Job 23, Verses 2-17 and Job 24, Verses 2-25.

But, the verses that stood out the most were Job 24 13-25….


“There are those who rebel against the light,

who do not know its ways

or stay in its paths.

When daylight is gone, the murderer

rises up

and kills the poor and needy;

in the night he steals forth like a


The eye of the adulterer watches for


he thinks, ‘No eye will see me,’

and he keeps his face concealed.

In the dark, men break into houses,

but by day they shut themselves in;

they want nothing to do with the


For all of them, deep darkness is

their morning;

they make friends with the terrors

of darkness.

“Yet, they are foam on the surface of

the water;

their portion of the land is cursed,

so that no one goes to the


As heat and drought snatch away the

melted snow,

so the grave snatches away those

who have sinned.

The womb forgets them,

the worm feasts on them;

evil men are are no longer remembered

but are broken like a tree.

They prey on on the barren and childless


and to the widow show no


But God drags away the mighty by his


though they become established,

they have no assurance of


He may let them rest in a feeling of


but his eyes are on their ways.

For a little while they are exalted,

and then they are gone;

they are brought low and gathered

up like all others;

they are cut off like heads of grain.

“If this is not so, who can prove me


and reduce my words to nothing?”



Anyway, in closing, the local gang stalkers are still attempting to keep me up at night. And I mean All night! It’s suffocating. Projectiles underneath me, stabbing, lasers, and so much more are being thrown at me right at bedtime and if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, they are at it again. Sometimes I wonder if they ever stopped once I fell asleep because I wake up to the same type of bullying.

Nothing that they do has changed. They keep their victims in a redundant cycle of torture.

I would best describe it like this…

Ever watch a gold fish as it makes its way  around and around again in a tiny fishbowl? Nowhere to go… Only the same neverending, redundant experience until it eventually dies.

That is what it is like to be a Targeted Individual. Or, at least, that is what it is like for me.

Everyday and every night poses no relief. They are, no doubt, extremist and lawless. It is unfortunate that they believe that we were all created the same way. Some of them seem to think that we were all a part of some sort of gang, cult, mob, mk ultra or secret cell, scientogy fair game program, Nazi etc. whereas they feel the need to compete with their victims even though the T. I. is already at an unfair disadvantage. Especially if they knew nothing about those types of communities.


Thanks for listening…God Bless.


By the way,

While writing this blog entry, I experienced…

9:36pm Magnetic pull to my head

9:48pm Magnetic pull to my head

9:56pm Magnetic pull to my head

11:15 Magnetic pull to my head

11:22pm Magnetic pull to my head

11:34pm Magnetic pull to my head

11:38pm Magnetic pull to my head (twice)

11:41 Needled on the left side of my head


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