Another Morning of Goon Drama- A T.I. Testimony

4:04 am Like before, I have felt the beam of their weapon on different parts of my body and a burning sensation to my back.

I looked in the mirror earlier, yesterday, and noticed that more damage was done to my  facial area due to their consistent weapon usage on my body. It has been years long.

I can still hear them talking around me. They sound as if they are mostly Black people. I can’t see why they have so much comfort in bothering me all day long, year after year. It feels like they are staring me down even when I am watching television. What is wrong with these people? And why do they still refuse to leave me alone?

Locally, I was told that there have been 8 deaths in this city within the last two-weeks. Should we wonder why? One of them actually said that they wanted to “pull me in a ditch”.

You could not pay me to believe that no one knows nothing about what is going on simply based on the fact that I have been and am still being attacked by this den-in goon squad.

My ex-husband is also continuing to play God. He has cut my communication with my daughter to the point that I can’t talk to her at all. When I call to speak to her, he doesn’t pick up the phone and makes it even harder for her to call me. Something that I never did to him while raising his children.

It is amazing how daring and evil people can be when they are being syndicated.




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