What Do You Do… As A Targeted Individual?

My perpetrators have attacked me all day yesterday and all day today with their satellite weapons on my body and, especially, my head in North Carolina.

What do you do when you are being attacked all day and all night by satellite weapons and your government knows about it but does nothing?

What do you do when members of the the same sect of people (government or otherwise) have planted a transmitter and/or microchip in a female’s vagina in order that the unlucky victim should be tortured by satellite weapons just because they said so and you had no say in it? As a matter of fact, when someone made this decision about your life, you were not present.

What does a victim that has been illegally implanted with a transmitter and/or microchip in their vagina do when no one wants to admit that it was done but is being tortured just because it is there?

The type of victim that has done their due diligence, admitted that this type of torture was a problem, yet, nothing was done about it.

(mstmha: Just in case you are wondering, I was implanted with a transmitter and/or microchip in my vagina at Danville Regional Medical Center in Danville, VA. It was at that time that I voluntarily had a mental evaluation on my own accord. No one had to tell me to just get a check-up. Now I know that, officially, that I am not the one who is crazy.

At this time of my hospital visit, my gang stalker targeting was in the beginning stages and I had, barely, a clue of what was going on. I never knew  that I would eventually carry the title of ‘Targeted Individual’.)

Over many years, I have also found that they may have also tainted my body with STDs. It is funny when your only having sex with one person who seemed to be uncontaminated, just to discover that they may have intentionally contaminated you with diseases when the cult orchestrators said to do it. Even if they used a simple syringe to inject themselves in order to contaminate their victims.


(Just a STD theory based on gang stalker satellite conversation. But how true is it?

FYI… A man in a hospital room in Virginia did insert an object, possibly, a transmitter in my vagina. Why would I embarrass myself by saying it if it wasn’t real?

A man inserted something like an antenna in my vagina in a Virginia hospital and, somehow, I am now enduring physical harm. Hmmm. )

Please excuse any grammatical mistakes… their abuse has seriously worn me out.

By the way, read the chapters in Ezekiel in your Bible. It was my word for today and it is so relevant to what is going on.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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