Attacked In Church

It has been another cruel day as a T.I. They have used their weapons on my person for most of the day.

Even being in North Carolina has not kept them away. I can still hear them screaming all over the place as if I am still in Danville. They have obviously tagged their people here in order to continue my abuse.

Yesterday, I attended two churches in the area. In the first church I was not bothered and was actually able to enjoy the service. The second church, however, was not so calming. Their weapon usage within the church was so bad that I had to leave. And as usual, I was stared down by the women tending the door.

I sat outside until the service was over. During this time, a security member came outside and attempted to convince me to go back inside.

I refused and told him exactly why I left the service. Yes, I told him that I was under a weapons attack within the church. These people don’t stop at nothing and are the most disrespectful people on the planet.

Why are we continuing to go through this? Why are such violent crimes being ignored?



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