“You deep in cocaine.”- A T.I. Testimony


I know that some of you may be hoping for good news about my targeting experience but, unfortunately, I don’t have any today. Sometimes I pray that I will wake up one morning from this gang stalking experience and find that it was just another daunting nightmare that finally ended.

As you will find during this blog entry, my targeting experience has not ended. It seems as if they are just reeling in more people to aide in the attacks against my body and my life. Nothing has changed. This morning was not the morning that I was waiting for.

I feel them watching and I can still hear them from every angle no matter where I go.

They have attacked my head so much with their stabbing and magnetic pull tactics today that it really, really made me angry.

A word of advice: Never wonder why a T.I. would even fathom hurting another human. Our pain is deep. The pressures on our end are outstanding. How would you feel about being murdered right in front of everyone’s eyes and, even though they may know, no one does anything about it? Yes. It’s real.

Gang stalkers just don’t quit and are, obviously, losers without nothing better to do. Targeting innocent people is like a game with them that never stops.

The following are more quotes said by my abusers.

“I’m not going to admit this too.” (At least she admitted that she is a liar.)

“They meet it. They made the month.” (They have a quota?)

“We all done it downtown.” (Well, well.)

“They know we heated everyday.” (Yep.)

“You deep in cocaine.” (I don’t do any drugs just in case your wondering but there is a story behind this. I will explain.)


Quite a few years ago, around the time when my targeting was still new to me, I purchased a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell in Danville, Va. Let me tell you, it is hard to finish a burrito when their is a staple inside of it. That was when I finally figured out that these people that were trying to hurt me were really serious.

About a week or so ago, I purchased the same meal from a different Taco Bell that was also located in Danville. When I got down to the last bite, I began tasting something really nasty in my burrito. It tasted like a Goody powder and I cannot stand the taste of a Goody powder. Needless to say, it was awful.

Well, the story doesn’t end there. Tonight, my family members ordered Romi’s for dinner. I had a steak and cheese. Crazily enough, the same thing happened. Once I got down to the last bite, there was that awful taste of Goody powder. Now whether it was actually a Goody powder or some other aspirin, I have no idea but I have come to the realization that these people are tampering with my food. I still have that God-awful taste in my mouth.

As to the above comment,”You deep in cocaine.” A female said this, assumably, because she was reading my thoughts from wherever she may be hiding and monitoring me.

It really angered me that there would be any possibility that there may have been cocaine in my food. Of course, I already know that many of them are deeply cocaine addicts (amongst other things) so it would be understandable if the comment was refering to them.

But, if there is any trace of cocaine in my system, I can’t say what I might do. I do not do drugs, especially cocaine.

One thing is for sure, my lawsuits will be endless.

What can Targeted Individuals do when everything that happens to them is meant to harm them and the government turns its head?



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