12:15am They have beamed their so-called ‘projectiles’ beneath my body. It feels as if they are pulling your body from side to side. This is something that they do every night and I can still hear them talking. They make it real easy to quote them while their sitting around getting drunk and high. I believe that drugs may be the substance that keeps them going all night and all morning long.

12:18am “They know why they don’t need you,” a black, manly sounding woman says. ( I don’t know what the heck she means by that but… who wants to be wanted by a bunch of crackheads?)



“You ain’t accept,” another voice says. ( Now I know that they were not expecting people to just ‘accept’ torturous abuse. If so, they are indeed lunatics. Especially when we know that everything that they do is ILLEGAL! America is not a Third World country. But even if it was, no one deserves that type of treatment.)

Update 12:52am I experienced a laser beam to my face. It was the usual bright flash and burning to my skin. This happened after I had first completed this blog entry so, of course, I had to add this portion because it seems that I may have hurt someone’s feelings or maybe it was their ego that lost control. Either way, it happened. At the moment, a male is screaming from somewhere far away. He sounds very whiny.

1:15am They shot me in the back of the head with some type of laser spray. It traveled from the back of my head to my face. My lips are feeling rather numb from the hit.

Why is it that they feel that my body is theirs to do what they want with it? I was never born or have participated in any cult or gang related activity. Why won’t they just leave me alone? Who is their beef really with? Me or God?

See, this is what happens when we allow hoodrats to continue to run around in the streets. Beating up on women is only a small portion of what they capable of.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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