Isaiah I, 5-20


Sometimes I ask God what it is that He would like me to know or there may be a problem that I am dealing with and may need help figuring out what to do.

Many people do not believe that He will give you answers to whatever it it is that may pose a problem in your life.

Yes, he can and the way He does it could make a blind man see.  Having a real relationship with God can be a remarkable experience. Simply amazing. But how does He do it?

Well, here is an example of how I get answers or just simple knowledge about what He really wants to relay to His people.

What I do is simply, randomly throw open the Bible with no specific chapters or verses in mind. 

My question for today was…

“God, what is it that you want me to know?”

The response that I received after making a very random selection was…

Isaiah, Verses 5-20

Which begins…

“Why should you be beaten anymore?”

It is a definite must-read. Find your Bible and check it out!




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