“We will reach for your wallet.”

The latest gang stalker quote:

“We will reach for your wallet.” (The voice was what sounded like a Black, male voice.)

My response? “What are you? My pimp?”

(What do they want me to say? Ok? Haven’t they not stole enough? How is my money or anything else theirs to take?  When did they ever pay a bill of mine? Also, I know this might sound crazy but, the more that I thought about what he said, the more that I felt that he may actually be ‘a pimp’. Who talks like that?

Anyway, I have learned to expect any and everything.)

Does anyone realize the degree of uncomfortability that most T.I.’s are having to endure?

Gang stalking is a complete violation of privacy and every human right imaginable. We can’t go anywhere alone. Not even to the bathroom. How sick is that?


Another gang stalker quote…

“You ain’t got no dough,” a female butthole who also sounded as if she were also black said.

Me: Uh, I wonder why? You know that the world is going down the wrong path when even millionaires who were smart enough to get there are going broke.

“You ain’t cool.”

Me: “Why? Because I am not a prostitute? By the way, how is anything about me any of their business to begin with. How many ways can we say “get a life” so that these people can comprehend?

And that has to do with what? What type of ‘cool’ people go around murdering and tearing lives apart? Or maybe I am the one who has it twisted. Maybe I am confusing what is actually considered to be normal. (On second thought…Nah.)”


And with further consideration, because ‘these people’ locally (they seem so alien) may be, somehow, Klavern and/or Klavert, gang, or cult related… what is so special about it?

How are we, as victims’ suppose to become tempted by a program that, not only, is very dangerous but something that many of us never knew existed?


And for self-esteem’s sake…

I am beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe, I was just a bit more special than even I realized. What other reason could they use for refusing to leave me alone? Inquiring minds want to know. And just to reiterate this assumption, based on my own personal experience…many Targeted Individuals that I have encountered are, in fact, very gifted, special people.

Abuse update…

7:44pm I have repeatedly received magnetic pulls to my body while attempting to watch television. I can’t even go outside and smoke a cigarette without one of them driving by and doing the same. They, obviously have remote controls that need to be confiscated. How are they even qualified to use such weaponry?

8:23pm Magnetic pull to my head


More questions…

Why would anyone allow someone to use so many illegal and torturous victimization techniques? Whether it is a bounty or not, why would anyone let someone get away with so much? Who said that it was alright for criminals to hold innocent people hostage within their own lives? What is the real agenda?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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3 responses to ““We will reach for your wallet.”

  • Julie

    Hi I am a 36 year old female target. The targeting started when i was 28 at the mall in NY. I have a child with Aspergers and he is a target as well. It’s so horrible! After 7 almost 8 years I have deteriorated mentally and physically. It’s hard to accept the fact that my dreams of finishing school and pursuing a career never happened but none the less I pray everyday and I have a unshakable faith in God. He will shine the light in our darkness. He will repay!! I pray for the targeted who are still alive to fight tooth and nail not only for you who are suffering but for the us who are dying or have been murdered.
    Julie and Mikey

    • mstmha

      I pray everyday that one day soon we may all be free from the tortures of this organized crime syndication. It is all that we can do just to stay alive. I do understand where you are coming from and will continue to pray for the freedom that we all deserved.

      The Bible does say,
      “He may let them rest in a feeling of
      but his eyes are on their ways.
      For a little while they are exalted,
      and then they are gone;
      they are brought low and gathered
      up like all others;
      they are cut off like heads of grain.”
      Job 24 23-24

      We should look forward to when the meek inherits the earth.

      May God Bless You and Yours.

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