Gang Stalking Crimes Continue

This is not suppose to be happening. The way that people are being forced to become Targeted Individuals should not be admissible in any community or country.

What human being should be subjected to electrical currents running through their bodies such as what I have experienced on multiple occasions. The kind that I was subjected to last night while attempting to fall asleep. How many times do we, as targets, have to say “leave me alone” before they actually do?

All day yesterday, I could hear the voices of my torturers speaking while I was working in the hot sun. They are wired up everywhere.

Anyway, after a long day yesterday, I was already exhausted but, obviously, the goon squad did not care. I could feel electrical currents being sent through my body over and over again. As usual, they did this torture tactic until I fell tiredly into the sanctuary of sleep.

I was wakened later on by a relative who they must have been wired up too because, when they walked into my vicinity, there was, again, that familiar burning of electrical currents within my body.

Who would deserve this type of treatment if they never had anything to do with gangs, cults, or governmental cells or agencies. At least none that many us knew about.

So why all the stalking? How is it that most of us never had to deal with gang activity a day in our lives, yet, we are now being forced to deal with what we never should have to? Why are real criminals out for revenge on people that they may have never even knew before? What makes them so special that they can just walk away from their crimes? Why are countries, such as America, even allowing this to happen to so many innocent individuals? How many years of our lives do they have to waste?

And they try to turn our hardships around as if it is all the target’s fault.

So many questions, and very little answers.

As I was writing this, there were multiple magnetic pulls and tiny needle pricks to my head. Can you see how sick these programs really are?

Please pray for Targeted Individuals that we may survive these tortures and gain justice for all who were harmed. And if anyone questions the fact that any of these tortures are real, ask them to take a lie detection test because it may be that they are goons too.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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